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An individual’s quality of life and health are very important. This is especially true as we grow older.

Advancing age brings an inevitable decline in vitality and increase in chronic health issues that can make daily life difficult. It’s important to find quality health care providers who specialize in the needs of the senior community.

Once you’ve past early middle-age, your health needs change from when you were younger; you need medical professionals who are experts in geriatric care.

Austin seniors are fortunate that there are many choices for high-quality medical care in and around the area, and a choice of providers that specialize in geriatric medicine. Continue reading for a rundown of the great specialist, geriatric, and general medical care available in the Austin area.

Medical Facilities with Geriatric Care

Austin Geriatric Specialists is composed of many health care providers who are all dedicated to the care of the elderly patient. They have served the Austin region for over 25 years.

Austin Geriatric Specialists are all advocates for the frail, elderly patients suffering from acute and chronic medical conditions.

Austin Geriatric doctors are all board-certified in specialties such as:

Internal Medicine

Family practice

Geriatric Medicine

Austin Geriatric Specialists also employ advanced practice nurses who have special training in the care of geriatric patients.

St. David's Medical Center is ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the Austin area. St. David’s provides care for a wide range of medical conditions and offers specialty care in many important categories:

Aneurysm repair

Aortic Valve Surgery

Heart Bypass Surgery

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Lung Cancer Surgery

In addition to these services, St. David’s provides orthopedic care that caters to the Austin senior community such as knee and hip replacement surgery and rehabilitation.

Finding Geriatric Specialists in Austin

The first step to finding high-quality geriatric specialists in Austin is to do an online search. Search for hospitals in your area and look for links to the geriatrics department from each hospital or medical practice homepage.

If the hospital web page doesn’t have any link specifying the geriatrics specialists, it could be because they include geriatrics with primary care. Make sure to look under the primary care directory as well.

There are also online search tools that are designed to help people find the geriatric medical care providers that they need. U.S. News and World Report provide a doctor finder to speed the search process.

You can also visit and find a geriatric physician with the handy search function provided on their website.

AARP also has a great directory of doctors in the Austin area who provide geriatric care.

Don’t forget the human touch! Ask friends and family who receive geriatric care what they think of the quality of care they receive, and to refer you to any specialist that they’re familiar with. The first-hand review of a geriatric care provider from someone you trust can save you a lot of time.

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