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Austin Hospice Care

Facing the inevitable can be hard. The last years of life can present immense challenges for seniors and their loved ones. Hospice care is one way to mitigate the emotional and physical difficulties that accompany the end of life.

Although hospice care can, and frequently is provided in outside the home, it can also be offered in your home or senior living facility. Hospice care will make the time before passing comfortable, with the medical and emotional support that relieves the stress on family members and any pain you might experience physically in your last days.

When your doctor has mentioned the need for hospice care, there are some things you need to know. Keep reading to learn about hospice care fro Austin seniors.

Hospice Care in Austin

No matter where you receive hospice care, there will be a team of professionals that work with you and your family to make this emotionally draining period as easy as possible for everybody.

Leading the team will be the hospice doctor to plan the best course of action for your circumstances, with particular attention devoted to pain management. There will be nurses and health aides to monitor your condition and note your pain levels.

Therapists will be on hand to help seniors with speech difficulties, and problems swallowing. When hospice is provided at home there may be homemaking aids to take care of routine chores; freeing family members to spend time together.

Social Workers and Clergy Can Help 

Social workers and clergy can be an important part of the hospice care team. They can help relieve the stress of watching a family member pass and offer important emotional support through this stressful period.

A hospice volunteer can assist in setting running errands and offer a respite for family members need time away from the bedside.

Rely on Family and Friends

Don’t forget to ask friends and other family members for any help they can provide throughout the hospice care period.

The more people that can support you during this stressful period; the less personally draining it can be for all involved.

Hospice Care in Austin

Austin seniors have access to a wide selection of hospice care providers. Use the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization directory to narrow your search down by location.

Veterans of the U.S. military can see if they’re eligible for hospice care at a VA medical center, their home or in a senior living community.

Take advantage of the comprehensive directory of hospice care providers on Senior Advisor to locate quality hospice care near you and read informative reviews from people who have used them. Check out hospice providers like Harper House Personal Care in Austin.

Paying for Austin Hospice Care

Hospice care is often paid for by private health insurance, but Medicare part A will also cover care at your home, medical facility or senior residence. U.S. veterans will have hospice care covered for VA Healthcare enrollees in Texas. Some hospice care providers will charge according to a sliding scale for low-income seniors.

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