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Using a proper funeral home can help you while you mourn and show respect to your loved one.  Just like any other business, a funeral home needs to make money.  You will need to shop various funeral homes and compare services, offerings, and prices.  It’s also important to stay on budget and choose the right funeral home for you and your family.  Not all funeral homes offer the same services.

Being a customer of a funeral home

Funeral homes are required by both federal and state law to provide all their prices in both writing or via phone. The  Federal Trade Commission law also obliges funeral homes to offer services without purchasing a package. Texas law mandates funeral homes to provide the comprehensive price list of all services before discussing the arrangements.

As a customer, you can:

Receive your itemized list with all the prices on the services and items you selected when you decide on your plan.

Choose a different burial container other than a casket for cremation no matter where you live.

Purchase a casket or urn from another location and bring it to the funeral home for the burial.

Reject embalming of your loved one. Texas law requires that the funeral director seeks your spoken or written consent before proceeding with embalming.

Some funeral homes, like Weed, Corely, Fish, provide prices with packages and itemized services on their website. Caskets range in price, so most sites list the range.  Casket companies, such as Collier’s Affordable Caskets, lists the prices of all caskets available. The Dignity Memorial network offers an online program for selecting your personalized funeral plan.

How to select a funeral home

If you can, you may want to shop funeral homes before you need to plan services. Get recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers. Look for online reviews and look for Better Business Bureau-accredited businesses. You can review the license of all funeral service providers through the Texas Funeral Service Commission website.

After you select a few homes, compare prices.  Ask for prices via the phone or visit each home to request their General Price List.  You should also request a price list for caskets or cremation containers. The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Pricing Checklist provides great information to help you develop your list of questions. Also, be sure to review the service that you get when you are just shopping.

Staying on budget

Your loved one deserves the best but don’t let your emotional decisions cost you more money than you have for the funeral.  Be sure you stick to your list of services you want to avoid spending more than necessary. Make the list and establish your budget before you contact any funeral homes. To help you plan and stick to your budget, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Texas is a non-profit group that gives you information on funeral services to help you find a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

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