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Austin Demographics and Lifestyle

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and is called home by almost one million people. Austinites are a diverse group of people made up of government workers, musicians, high-tech staff, and college students.

Austin is a senior-friendly city that has been ranked as the 2nd safest city in America by the FBI in 2012.  But, what can seniors retiring to Austin expect to find here?  Read further to learn about what makes Austin a great retirement destination.

Meet the Austinites

In 2010, just over 68% of Austinites identified as white, with a little less than 50% describing themselves as non-Hispanic white.  The African American population of Austin is about 8%.  Appropriately, for a city in the Southwest, the Hispanic population of Austin is roughly 35%.

Austin’s IT sector is a magnet for workers in the tech industry, and the University of Texas at Austin attracts students from all over the world.   

The booming job market and educational scene make Austin a vibrant and exciting city with a diversity of neighborhoods that provide seniors with many different options.

Visit to learn more about the amenities, services, and senior-specific programs that each neighborhood has to offer.  

The Austin Climate

Surprisingly, Austin has a climate that’s classified as humid subtropical.  This type of climate is characterized by long, hot summers that average over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in Austin are mild and short, averaging about 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperatures dip under freezing less than 20 days out of the year.  

Austinites can expect to suffer a travel stopping ice-storm every other winter, but it only makes traveling difficult for one or two days.

Austin is a sunny city; over 60% of the days, or 2,650 hours of the year, are cloudless.  

Austin’s Nature and Wildlife

Austin is home to wide variety of plants and animals.  The mild climate and a large number of sunny days attract some of the most beautiful and exotic species to this Southwestern city.

One beautiful creature in Austin is the Monarch Butterfly. Texas is an important part of the Monarch butterfly migration route from the end of September to the first few weeks of October.  Austin residents can marvel at the beauty of extraordinary creatures as they pass through on their way to Mexico.

The Austin area is also home to some of the most interesting animals in the U.S.; from the armored armadillo, rabbits, deer, Javelina pigs, and coyotes, to owls, vultures, and other birds of prey.

There are many nature parks and wildlife preserves near Austin where you can enjoy observing the plethora of species that make this part of Texas their home.

Keep Austin Weird

Adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small business in Austin, Texas; “keep Austin weird” has become a rallying cry and a popular website to promote the unique character of this Southwestern city.

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