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Austin Assisted Living

Eventually, we all come to the realization that living on our own is no longer a viable option. Whether it’s loneliness, physical incapacity, or a medical condition that needs constant monitoring, you realize that you need the benefits of an assisted living arrangement. Once you’ve decided to make this huge change in your lifestyle, you’ll realize that there are many questions that you’ll have to answer before finding the best place for your needs. Before settling into an assisted living community you need to know:

How will you pay? Assisted living facilities can represent a large financial commitment What will your new daily routine be like? How will you find out which assisted living residences are near where you want to live? Are there different types of assisted living facilities, and which one is right for you? Austin seniors are lucky that there are dozens of great assisted living communities in and near Austin, providing the right choice for almost everyone. Read further to learn more about assisted living in Austin.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Austin

Even under the best circumstances, assisted living is a relatively expensive proposition. Austin is a popular city, with a wide range of amenities, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. This contributes to the cost of assisted living here; Austin is a bit more expensive than the national average for assisted living costs. While the national average cost of care is about $3600 per month, the median cost in Austin is north of $4500 in 2016. Of course, that is the median cost in Austin; prices can vary widely between different 55+ communities and will depend on services and amenities offered to you. Choose from luxurious accommodations such as Brookdale Gaines Ranch, or less expensive facilities like Brookdale Round Rock. Consider the areas where the senior residence is located, the services they offer, and the size of the apartments, and you’ll see that you can save a lot of money by making trade-offs where you can.

What’s Assisted Living Like in Austin

There are many different options for assisted living facilities in Austin. There are faith- based facilities, and communities that pride themselves on being pet-friendly. Some senior residences offer a minimal service package for independent seniors who just want a trouble-free place to hang their hat. Other assisted living facilities will offer you a continuum of care; you start out independent and have access to more services and medical care as your health and strength declines with age. You can pick a place like Village on the Park which is convenient to many Austin amenities, or Legacy Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care, where you can look forward to appropriate levels of care if you suffer from any stage of cognitive decline.

Searching for Assisted Living in Austin

After you’ve determined what you want or need in an assisted living situation, and where you want to be located, it’s time to start making a list of possible choices. Start the list with the ones you really think are the best for you; put your less favorable choices lower down. Now, start researching each one. Ask friends and family for their opinions about the neighborhood, transportation, and what they think of the services they provide. Speak with residents of each senior community and learn the real details of what life is like for the people residing there. Take careful stock of your finances. Consider how affordable each senior community is in the long-term. Call each of the places on your list and find out exactly what they offer you that’s included in the monthly rent. Many assisted living facilities offer “extras,” that cost extra. Ask if the facility offers anything like this; it could be a beauty salon, barbershop or fitness facility onsite if it’s extra – you want to know. SeniorAdvisor’s Assisted Living Guidebook provides an expansive list of questions you should ask including paying for care, residency agreements, social activities, medication and health care, policies, and more.

How Will You Pay?

Even the least expensive assisted living facility is going to involve higher costs than living in a regular apartment building or gated community. While living in a 55+ community can cost less than the cost of in-home health care, housekeeping, home owner’s insurance, and the associated utility bills, for some people selling their old home may not be an option. For those who can sell or rent their home to defray the costs of assisted living, there are many options. A popular choice for many seniors is the reverse mortgage, which will provide a monthly income that will go far to cover the costs of senior care. Selling the family home will provide a lump sum payment that could cover costs for some time to come. Renting your home as a residence or vacation home may be more trouble, but you’ll have a monthly income and a chance to have your home appreciate in value before ultimately selling it. Of course, if you don’t have a home to sell or rent, you’ll need to look at other options.

If You Don’t Have a Home to Sell

Let’s start with the basic sources of retirement income. First, you have a monthly payment from Social Security to rely on for some of the money you’ll need. Next, consider how much you’re receiving in pension payments if any. Finally, you can look at Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal program that serves seniors who have a low-income and few if any, assets. Around two-thirds of seniors in Texas senior living facilities are covered by Medicaid through managed care plans.

Go to the Texas benefits website at Your Texas Benefits to learn about eligibility rules and what help you can receive.

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You’ve learned some important facts about assisted living facilities in Austin, Texas, you may want to find out more. Use SeniorAdvisor to learn more about great care providers, neighborhoods, and services for senior in Austin.

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