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Austin 55+ Communities

The end of your working years heralds many changes in your lifestyle; the biggest change being that you’re no longer tied to one geographic area. Maintaining a family home and living near work and schools is no longer an issue for retirees.

Children have moved out and begun their own lives, so you don’t need the living space that your used to. You no longer need to commute to work or consider being close to where jobs are located as part of your routine worries.

The aging process will make maintaining a large home an expensive proposition; you’ll need to hire help to do basic repairs and landscaping that you were easily capable of in your younger years. The solution for many retirees of a certain age could be relocating to a senior residential living situation.

Commonly called 55+ communities, senior assisted living communities, and retirement centers; a senior-focused living arrangement could make your golden years much more secure and worry free.

The city of Austin, Texas, has a good selection of senior assisted and independent living communities that you can look at. From The Cottages at Chandler Creek where your every need will be taken care of, and there is immense support for people with memory disease, to The Conservatory at Wells Branch where you can live a resort lifestyle and enjoy independent living.

What Does a 55+ Community Cost?

The cost of residing in a senior independent or assisted living community can vary widely. Many factors go into calculating the monthly costs; independent living communities will be less expensive than the monthly bill for an assisted living facility. A rough estimate of monthly outlay ranges between from approximately $1500 and $4000 per month for an independent living arrangement. Factors such as square footage, amenities, and medical services will affect your final cost.

How Will You Pay For Your Senior Community Residence?

This question has become the overriding concern of many retirees. The rate of inflation, as well as setbacks in the many people’s retirement funds as a result of market conditions has taken a chunk out of many nest eggs.

A good solution for many retirees is to sell the old family home and use the proceeds to finance a move to a senior living community. If rental rates are favorable in your area, you may consider renting your home to supplement your retirement savings. Renting has the advantage of providing steady income while allowing your home to appreciate in value. If in your later years you need more money, then you can sell your home to finance the latter part of your retirement expenses.

Starting Your Search for a Retirement Community

You can start your research into the best senior living facility or residence for you by considering what is most important to your lifestyle. Make a detailed list of all the things you’ll need for a good quality of life.

Do you want to remain near your children and grandchildren? Then you’ll need to consider the residences that are conveniently located to them.

Do you own pets? This will narrow your choice down as well. If you own a dog, you’ll want lots of space for it to play and be taken for walks outside. You’ll need to find a community that respects your need to care for your animal companion.

You have the choice of resort living or assisted living arrangements. This can be a tricky decision to make. Aging means that you’ll inevitably require help with daily activities and convenient access to medical care. You may want to consider a community with both assisted and independent living options.

Senior Community Living Specifics

The monthly or yearly cost of residing in a senior living community can include everything or just a few amenities with the other costs being charged separately. Ask the community management exactly what is included in your monthly charges.

Find out what activities are included in your new senior residence. Remaining active and interested in life is an important part of staying healthy in your golden years. Does the senior community make regularly scheduled outings to local attractions? Is there a variety of community activities that are of interest to you?

Food is a vital component to maintaining a good quality of life. Sample the meals that are served, learn about the daily menu the senior residence community offers.

Does the community provide group transportation to important locales such as shopping, medical, restaurants, or entertainment?

The Fancy Stuff

There are certain amenities that can make retirement a wonderful time of life. If you have always been physically active, the presence of a state-of-the-art fitness facility could be a major selling point. The presence of a pool could be the dream amenity for some other seniors.

Does the senior residence community provide classes, game nights, or an onsite pub and game room? You’ll be surprised by the amazing, lifestyle enhancing options available to you.

What is the Area around the Senior Living Community Like?

Austin, Texas, comprises a vast area of 280 square miles and has a population that is approximately 50% bigger than Atlanta, Georgia. Austin currently has a population of about 791,000 people, of which a little more than 90,000 are college students.

Decide what is most important to you in an Austin neighborhood. Do you want to drive? You’ll be able to choose an area farther away from certain amenities or family. If you’re done with driving, you might want to be within walking distance to some things, or have access to ground transport to specific places.

Think Ahead

As you grow older your physical abilities will change. What will likely be the ultimate outcome of any degenerative disease you may suffer from? Is it important to settle down somewhere that will fulfill your residential needs until your last years?

Wyoming Springs Assisted Living offers a comprehensive living situation that may appeal to people who don’t want to move again. Elmcroft of Austin is a great community for retirees who need more independence but also offer many assisted living services.

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