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Social Security for Aurora Seniors

Seniors often require social security to make ends meet. This monetary benefit provides money to low-income seniors who would otherwise struggle to pay for their expenses. Not everyone receives social security, as it requires an application and time for approval. By visiting a local social security office or heading online, any senior in need of social security may find the necessary information to apply.

Three Social Security Offices in Aurora and Nearby Areas

There is one main social security office in Aurora. Two additional offices are located nearby that prove useful for seniors just outside the area looking to find a more direct route to a facility.

The Aurora office is at 14280 E Jewell Ave.

The Denver office is at 1500 Champa St.

The Littleton office is at 8000 Southpark Ln.

With three offices to choose from within the surrounding area, anyone looking to obtain services can do so easily.

All social security offices utilize the same toll-free number. Any seniors who want to speak to a representative before attempting to obtain services can do so. The number to reach is (800) 772-1213. Calls get answered during typical business hours between Monday and Friday.

Four Services Offered In-Person

At least four critical services are provided in-person at a social security office. One of the primary options includes requesting a new social security card. Seniors easily lose these cards, requiring them to obtain a replacement copy to keep for their documents. Replacements get mailed out quickly, ensuring seniors have the new card in their hands in less than two weeks.

Applying for services also tops the list of options. Some apply for disability, while others file for retirement benefits. Both of these choices allow seniors to earn monetary compensation. Applications require a birth certificate, ID, mortgage or rental statements, paycheck stubs, and more. Having the appropriate documents on hand ensures the process goes as quick as possible.

A fourth service option completed in-person is a replacement Medicare card. The process for obtaining a copy of this card type is similar to that of a social security card. With the proper information, the clerk can issue a replacement card quickly.

Five Services Offered Online

Five services take priority online. Seniors who hope to skip the line in-person can instead head online to obtain what they need. The same four services offered at the office take precedence online as well. Replacement social security cards and Medicare cards, plus applications for disability and retirement, are the primary choices. In addition, seniors may create an account that allows them to change their address, manage their benefits, and check their social security income statements immediately.

The "my Social Security" component of the website is free for everyone. Anyone 18 years and older may use it. A valid email address, social security number, and mailing address prove necessary for signing up. After agreeing to the terms of service, users may proceed to the sign-up process.

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