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Medicare in Aurora

The state of Colorado sees more than 631,000 residents with Medicare, with a significant portion of them located in Aurora. With the senior population expected to increase in future years, the staggering number of Medicare recipients should also grow. People in Aurora and nearby areas of Colorado looking to learn more about Medicare enrollment can use local and online resources to find the information they require.

Learning About Medicare

Medicare includes various components, each of which is a separate plan offered to beneficiaries. You may choose to utilize just one plan, or you can have all of them. The plans you decide to purchase will depend heavily on the types of services you require most throughout the year. While hospital stays are in one category, prescription medications are in another.

Hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, lab tests - Part A

Doctor visits, outpatient care, medical equipment, some preventative services - Part B

Medicare Advantage Plan offering both parts A and  B - Part C

Prescription drug coverage - Part D

Aurora Beneficiary Facts

10.35% of people in Arapahoe County are uninsured.

The average hospital stay for Medicare patients in Aurora is between five and six days.

The highest care costs are for cardiovascular surgery, reaching past $197,000.

The Medical Center of Aurora and the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora have two of the highest readmission rates in the city. The high rates mean a fee and loss of Medicare reimbursements.

Office Locations and Services in Aurora

The Aurora Social Security Office has representatives on standby to help seniors apply for retirement, disability, and Medicare. Visit the office at 14280 E. Jewell Avenue, Suite 250. You can visit Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, with morning hours only on Wednesday.

Michael Gorelik is a Medicare agent representing the Aurora area. Call him at (720) 708-7683 to discuss your options and schedule a meeting. He is the primary agent in Aurora working through Medicare Colorado.

The Aurora Center for Active Adults hosts a Senior Medicare meeting on special occasions. Contact the center to learn when they hold the next event and see if you can sign up. You get to learn valuable information related to Medicare and how to apply.

Medicare Providers Located in Aurora

Visit to find a full list of contact information for facilities and agencies that are available to answer questions about anything you need. The State Health Insurance Assistance Program offers personalized health insurance counseling. The American Board of Medical Specialities allows you to discover if a doctor is board-certified. The Internal Revenue Service is your go-to for questions regarding taxes and how Medicare affects them. Each agency has a specific purpose and can help you find the information you need.

The Medicare site also offers a Physician Compare tool that lets you discover specific providers in your area. Type in “Aurora, CO,” and search for geriatric medicine and a full list of physicians in Aurora will show on the screen.

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