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Medicaid in Aurora

Seniors on a low income often find it difficult to pay for their medical expenses. Without the money to pay for doctor appointments, medications, and medical equipment, many people struggle greatly with their health. In this situation, it is best for seniors to look into Medicaid, a state-funded insurance option that provides the funds that low-income individuals need to get the care they deserve.

Seeing if You Qualify for Colorado Medicaid

Health First Colorado is the name of the Medicaid program in the state. An income eligibility limit is one of the determinations for who is entitled to this option. Only those who fall below the level receive this type of insurance. Seniors age 65 or older also qualify, as they often require far more medical services than younger individuals.

Getting Help on Your Application and Future Claims

You do not have to fill out the application on your own, or even handle future insurance claims. There are options available to assist you. The quickest method is to apply online. It starts by creating an account and then filling out an application. The step-by-step instructions should help you get through the material easily.

The Department of Human Services offers in-person assistance for those who need extra help filling out the forms. It is best to head to your local office to receive guidance. The Arapahoe County DHS is the solution for Aurora residents. Its location is 14980 East Alameda Drive. You can call the department before your arrival to ensure they are open and able to help at the given time. Their number is (303) 636-1130.

Multiple application assistance sites also provide help in Aurora. The sites include:

MCPN-Helena Clinic 3010 - 15501 E 13th Ave; (303) 360-6276

Tri-County Health Department-Aurora 1066 - 15400 East 14th Place; (303) 363-3011

Building the Bridge Outreach Community Support Services 2264 - 1532 Galena Street; (720) 987-5828

MCPN-North Aurora Family Health Services 3011 - 3292 Peorpia Street; (303) 360-6276

Receiving Senior Services Through Medicaid

Medicaid offers numerous benefits and services specifically for seniors. Lab services, hospitalization, outpatient care, behavioral health, and rehabilitative services all make the list. You can view a full list of services through the Health First Colorado website. The site discusses benefits, co-payment amounts, limits, and exclusions.

Private duty nursing, for example, has no associated co-payments. The service is limited to 16 hours per day. Hospice also has no co-payments. It gets covered for up to nine months. Curative care is not allowed once seniors choose this option.

Getting to Medical Appointments With Help

Many seniors struggle to make it to their medical appointments because their age and ailments make them unable to drive. Colorado offers a Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Program that ensures individuals make it to their appointments and back home again. Drivers require advance notice to add the ride to their schedule. They need the date and time of pickup, your name, phone number, medical provider information, and Health First Colorado identification number to prove who you are. Call 855-264-6368 to make arrangements, or speak with your local DHS.

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