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How Much Do Aurora Nursing Homes Cost?

With a population of over 300,000 people, Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado. It’s approximately a 30-minute drive to Denver, but Aurora is far more than a suburb of Denver. It boasts more than 100 parks and 6 golf courses, and it attracts more than 30 regional and national sports tournaments a year to the Aurora Sports Park.

Denver is known as the “Gateway to the Rockies” and its metro area offers gorgeous mountain scenery, but there’s more than just snow -- Aurora can also boast of 300 sunny days a year, on average.

The average cost for nursing home care in Aurora is a bit higher than the national average. However, even though there are approximately 10 nursing homes in Aurora, there are much more in the greater Denver metro area, and many levels of care and pricing plans are available.

Some Interesting Facts About Nursing Homes in Colorado

There are 220 nursing homes in the state.  

Of those, 53 received a rating of 4.5 stars or above in a recent survey done by U.S. News & World Report.

As of 2013, there were 20,371 beds in nursing homes in Colorado, according to the CDC.

Nursing Home Rates in Aurora

Nursing home rates are never cheap, but the rates in Aurora are a bit above the national rates. The national median rate for a private nursing home room in 2015 was $91,250, with a semi-private room costing a little less, $80,300. In the greater Denver metro area, a private room in a nursing home in 2016 cost an average of $102,930 and a semi-private room cost an average of $90,703.

Of course, it’s important to remember those numbers are averages. The best way to understand rates at nursing homes is to call each home and discuss their rates and different options for payment. The level of care will impact cost also. Care for an Alzheimer’s patient, for example, is more expensive.

In the greater Denver metro area, there are more than 90 nursing homes, and many will take Medicare.

What services are included in nursing home care?

A nursing home offers 24-hour care for its residents, whether ambulatory or bedridden. Nursing homes will have RNs (registered nurses) on staff, and they will often oversee patient care including handling medication and physical therapy schedule. However, most of the resident care will fall to the CNAs (certified nursing assistants). The CNAs usually assist with daily living activities such as dressing, bathing, eating, etc.

Besides room and board, nursing homes offer assistance with bathing and dressing, toileting, managing money, using the telephone, and social activities. Most nursing homes offer healthful menus, and residents with diabetes or other special conditions will get their dietary needs met.

Some facilities focus on different levels of care. Garden Terrace of Aurora is a facility focused on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

Not all nursing homes are for long-term care. Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation offers short-term rehabilitation services for patients who simply need help while they recuperate from an injury or illness.

Extras that go beyond basic care

The pricing model for nursing homes is much like that of hospitals. However, in addition to a daily rate for the bed and meals, services such as laundry and grooming (haircuts, manicures) may cost extra.

Socializing is important for seniors. Look for a nursing home that offers things like shopping excursions, lectures, concerts, therapy animal visits, classes (art, exercise, etc.).

Some facilities offer a wide variety of amenities, including:

Ice cream parlor

TV lounge

Religious Services

Wireless internet

Walking paths

How to reduce the costs of nursing home care

There are a number of ways to offset the cost of a nursing home stay. The first thing to consider is whether or not the resident has a long-term care insurance policy. Such policies will often pay a significant portion of nursing home care if the patient has a debilitating condition, such as a stroke.

A private room in a nursing home costs more. A semi-private room will save about 12%, on average.

Medicare or Medicaid are often used to offset the costs of care. If a nursing home resident is admitted directly from the hospital, Medicare will cover the cost of treatment, although it may not cover all of the cost.

If family members are available to help with the costs of extras like laundry and haircuts, that can reduce costs.

Veterans and their spouses may be eligible for free or reduced-cost care. Contact the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing if you have questions.

What to look for in a nursing home

Many tools exist to learn about nursing homes in your area. There are many consumer resources on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website for those researching nursing homes in Colorado.

The state of Colorado licenses nursing homes, and state inspections should be available to anyone looking to put a loved one in a nursing home. Inspections are not announced. Deficiencies are required to be corrected within 10 days.

Before beginning a search, decide the level of care needed. If Alzheimer’s or dementia have been diagnosed, obviously a higher level of care will be needed. Most nursing homes offer 24/7 nursing care. You can schedule a visit, but it’s also a good idea to drop by unannounced, to get a better feel for the day-to-day happenings. Some things to notice are: Is the facility clean? How do staffers treat residents? Do residents seem content?

When visiting the nursing home, here are some important questions to ask:

Can I see the state inspection reports?

What is the staff to resident ratio?

Do you have rooms or wings devoted to caring for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

When are meals served?

How are unique health needs met? (For instance, food allergies)

How are mentally ill residents managed?

Are there automatic sprinkler systems?

How close is the nearest hospital?

How often are doctors in the building?

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