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Aurora Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

The best part about retirement is that you can finally devote your attention to pursuing activities that you’re genuinely interested in. Aurora seniors have many great volunteer opportunities near them that will help them to make the most of this phase in their lives.

Use volunteering to make new friends, help your fellow city residents, and as a way to give something back to the community.

Keep reading to find out about senior volunteer opportunities in Aurora and how you can make a difference in your retirement years.

The Public Schools Need Help

Aurora Public Schools always need volunteers to help the district serve the children of Aurora. School volunteers can provide tutoring in any subject the school offers, helping students to catch up to their peers.

Bilingual seniors are needed to tutor recent immigrants to the community and help them to settle into the school system. School volunteers can relieve the stress on cafeteria staff by helping in the kitchen, acting as lunchroom monitors, and helping out on the cash registers.

Aurora seniors are invaluable during special events, and school plays so that the children can have the best possible experience.

Help the Library to Help Aurora

The Aurora Public Library is a brilliant place for book loving seniors to volunteer. Help is always needed in a wide range of roles. If you love fixing things, the Library needs competent people to help repair damaged books and restore them to circulation.

The front desk is an opportunity to interact with the public by helping them to check out books, get library cards, and find the resources they need when they visit.

Seniors who like being around young children will love taking over story-time and transmitting the love of reading to a new generation.

Save the Animals

Volunteer at the Aurora Animal Shelter and help pets find a new home. The Animal Shelter is instrumental in saving abandoned and abused animals and finding them new homes. Volunteers are critical to performing their core mission.

The Aurora Animal Shelter needs you to help socialize and groom animals to increase the chances of adoption. You’re also needed to help exercise and feed shelter residents. Seniors with fundraising experience will be invaluable in helping the Shelter to find operating funds.

Spend the Day at the Zoo

Volunteer at the Denver Zoo and become an intrinsic part of a Colorado treasure. Your people skills will be well used as a volunteer tour guide, in the gift shop, or supervising the petting zoo.

If you’re bilingual, you’ll be appreciated by Zoo visitors who don’t speak English very well.

Learn new skills by helping Zoo staff maintain the various habitats, and learning to prepare meals for the numerous exotic species on display.

Make the Most of Retirement

Whatever your interests are, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. Start with an online search, but also visit the places that you’d like to help out and ask about any volunteer program they have.

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