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Aurora Veterans Benefits

After spending years serving in the U.S. military, many vets re-enter civilian life unaware of the many benefits they’re entitled to. Aurora vets need to know about the resources and organizations that are available to help them access the aid they need.

Keep reading to learn about several places where you can get help in finding out about the benefits and assistance that you earned by serving in the armed forces.

Veterans Administration Health Service

Qualifying veterans can receive critical medical care through the Veterans Administration Health Service. No matter what your medical needs are, the VA Health Service will strive to provide the best quality care possible for eligible veterans.

Senior aged vets can take advantage of a plethora of geriatric medicine related services such as:

Treatment for acute or chronic cardiac problems, including heart-bypass surgery and rehabilitation after open-heart surgery.

Care and treatment for vets suffering from degenerative memory disease and Parkinson’s.

Cancer care that includes radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Diabetes treatment programs that will keep you healthy while you deal with the effects of the metabolic disease.

Hospice care that will make your last weeks or months a dignified and safe time.

The VA Health Service is also where vets can receive routine health checks designed to catch any problems long before they become serious.

Substance Abuse Help for Vets

Substance abuse is a society-wide problem, but veterans have special resources that they can access in return for their time in active duty service. Eligible veterans can get help at VA Mental Health.

VA Mental Health has programs in place that will deal with why a vet is abusing drugs, as well as medical treatment to ameliorate the damage caused by abuse and relieve the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

VA Mental Health Services will provide assistance for vets suffering from any of a wide range of psychological problems and emotional issues. Regardless if the mental health issue is a result of active duty service or not, eligible veterans will get the help they need.

Small Business Administration for Vets

For many people, success means owning a business and working independently. The Small Business Administration has several invaluable programs that are designed to help veterans and even the spouses of veterans.

Active duty personnel can receive business mentoring and train in the time just before being discharged. Veterans who have already re-entered the civilian world can apply for various forms of assistance such as low-interest loans, training, mentoring, and advice that will help ensure future success.

Help for Homeless Aurora Vets

Homelessness is a national scourge and veterans are well-represented in the population of people living on the streets. Fortunately, there is Support Homeless Veterans. Support Homeless Veterans is a complete donation funded organization dedicated to rescuing homeless vets from a life on the street.

Through outreach programs and trained, volunteer counselors, homeless vets are provided temporary housing and help to access the veteran benefits and aid that can get them housed and stable again.

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