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Aurora Senior Realtors

Seniors ready to move have both financial and emotional considerations to make.  It can be hard to leave the house you love, especially if you need to go for health reasons, and if you need to work within a tight budget or plan your estate at the same time, it can be stressful.  There are real estate agents that have experience working with seniors and they can make the moving process easier.  Fortunately, there are a few options here in Aurora.

How Does An Agent Become a Senior Realtor?

Agents obtain different qualifications throughout their career, but some agents decide to add additional courses to their regular training.  The National Association of Realtors offers classes to become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES.  The Senior Real Estate Institute provides training to become a Certified Senior Housing Professional or CSHP, although not all states have this training.  In Aurora, you might find agents who have both.

One benefit to working with either an SRES or CSHP is access to their network of professionals.  Agents frequently work with CPAs, family social workers, or attorneys. If you have the need for one of these senior specialists, your agent can refer you to one.

Clients of Senior Real Estate Specialists

Adults that are 50 or older tend to be the key client of SRES or CSHP agents, but this doesn’t mean they exclusively work with retired seniors bound for assisted living communities.  They often work with seniors still working in their jobs, parents who have sent their last child to college and need a smaller home, as well as clients that want to buy a second home as an investment.

When To Contact An SRES or CSHP Agent

If you’re thinking of moving, call a qualified agent as soon as possible.  They will make moving, whether it’s to a smaller house or new community, much easier.  Agents often work with seniors who need to stay on a tight budget, so they understand systems like reverse mortgages and will work with you to get you the most for your money.

You can even call an agent if you aren’t considering a move or if you have elderly parents.  Many seniors want to stay in their house but need to remodel a little to accommodate their needs.  Some of the professional contacts the agents know could include contractors that can install lift bars, add ramps, and even widen doorways to make your current house work for you.

If you’re working on other things like estate planning at the same time as moving, your agent will make sure to coordinate with your attorney.  They can even refer attorneys if you don’t have one yet and need to do things like review real estate contracts.  

Locating Your Nearest Agent

Online searches are the easiest way to find agents near you.  CSHP agents are listed on the Senior Real Estate Institute directory, and you can find them by a state.  Some even include links to their direct websites as well as telephone numbers.

If you enter your zip code into the National Association of Realtors search function, you can find SRES agents.  For example, 80113 comes back with eight agents in firms like Cornerstone Real Estate and Keller Williams.  Many of these agents also have qualifications that enable them to handle things like foreclosures, military relocations, and international travel.  If you need any of these things, ask for an agent that has those titles.  

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