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Aurora Senior Movers and Downsizers

Moving is a necessary evil for everybody regardless of age or stage of life. Aurora seniors have a particular set of concerns and challenges when they have to move.

When seniors move from the homes they have inhabited for decades of their lives, it is usually because they need to downsize. Downsizing can be an emotionally wrenching experience that is hard to deal with.

Aurora seniors need the services of a senior move expert. A senior move manager can help them by taking care of all the mundane details of the move and deal with the emotionally charged issue of getting rid of many belongings.

Keep reading to find out about senior move services in Aurora, where to find a senior move manager, and how much it will cost.

What do Senior Move Managers Do Different?

The senior move expert you hire will help you with many downsizing specific tasks. Your senior move manager will help you declutter your house and organize your belongings before the first box is packed.

Your senior mover will coordinate all the details of your move while helping you to decide which of your belongings you should keep, which should be sold or donated, and what items should be given to the care of family members.

Senior move specialists who are members of the NASMM will be trained to deal with senior-specific issues and be held to high ethical standards. NASMM members will also be properly bonded or insured.

When to Contact an Aurora Senior Mover

The best time to contact a senior move manager is before you need one. The farther ahead you can plan your downsizing move, the more likely that it will be a painless and stress-free event in your life.

Without proper planning, you run the risk of losing many important keepsakes and mementos that could be lost in the confusion of rushed packing and tossing out.

Of course, if an unexpected disaster of some sort necessitates you suddenly downsizing into a new residence, a senior moving manager can be a godsend. No matter the crisis, your senior mover will take care of the details while you’re free to deal with your emergency.

Finding an Aurora Senior Move Manager

Use online searches to find an SMM in record time. Visit the NASMM website and use the search tool there. Go to the Better Business Bureau and get a directory of service providers near you.

Also, ask friends and family who have downsized for their recommendations. You can learn a lot that way such as what to ask, what to expect, and who they used.

The Cost of a Senior Move Expert

According to an article in AARP, you can expect to pay between $40 and $100 per hour for a senior move manager. Since the SMM services don’t include the moving company that will transport your household, find out if any senior move managers offer “package deals” that can save you money.

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