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Aurora Senior Living

Aurora is consistently celebrated as a top community for those in post-retirement, with the city ranked 11th place for best health care. For Aurora area seniors and their families, there is a large variety of senior living solutions that will cater to different life stages.

Aurora's senior living facilities and communities take advantage of the region's proximity to natural scenes like the Rocky Mountains. Aurora has a diverse community of restaurants, recreation centers, and more than 97 parks and golf courses that give senior citizens the opportunity to enjoy their golden years in a comfortable and interactive environment. Here's our guide to Aurora's bustling community of senior living facilities and centers.

What Does Senior Living Cost in Aurora, Colorado?

The nursing home care cost for Aurora residents will be around $87,000 a year, with more affordable options like assisted living facilities and home health care. Assisted living situations in Aurora will cost about $48,000 a year, with services focusing on personal care that doesn't require extensive intervention like those provided in a private nursing home. Adult day health care services will cost about $16,900 a year, offering aid at a community-based center for adults who need regular assistance.

Home health care is not as extensive as other types of senior living situations but may be the ideal plan for the 29 percent of seniors living alone in Aurora who may need regular help. Homemakers help with daily tasks like laundry, picking up medication from the doctor's office, making appointments, connecting with medical professionals, and cooking meals aligned with dietary requirements.

The cost of senior living care is highly dependent on the level of care, amenities, and the size of the room. Typically a person living in a semi-private room in a nursing home will have to pay more, with residents that don't require specialized care expecting to pay less. Amenities like custom meal plans and several doses of scheduled medication can also affect expenses.

Senior Living Options in Aurora

There are several assisted facilities, nursing facilities, home health care services, and adult care centers throughout Aurora, giving options for any living situation. Like many Americans, the aging population in Aurora is growing exponentially due to improvement in health care and a longer life expectancy. Aurora is meeting this demand, giving families the option of building customized care plans and programs that include health assistance and advanced concierge services.

At Home and Community Services

Aurora's home health care services, as well as nursing home facilities, offer an array of activities and amenities that are created to help older adults live safely and productively.

Homemaker services in Aurora are designed for those who just require a light housekeeping throughout the day. Many of these services will work with your schedule, coming into your home on specific days or chosen hours to complement your lifestyle. It is typically best to choose a facility that is relatively close to your home.

Home health services offer occupational therapy for inpatients and outpatients. Many facilities like Lifecare Center of Aurora offer different forms of treatment with individualized care.

Adult day programs are designed to promote social well-being, which studies show may have a real-life impact on the patient and just might be as important as a medical intervention. Adult day care programs operate during the daytime hours, in a supportive, safe, and cheerful environment that will make seniors feel like they are part of a greater community.

Several independent concierge services will allow senior citizens to live independently with the help of technology. Many of these services are designed to make life easier, like Amazon Home Services, Task Rabbit, and a vast array of mobile apps that are accessible to seniors who are Internet savvy.

Inquiries: Ask about In-Home and Community Services

Are the agency and facility bonded? Any firm that you invest your time in should have a comprehensive liability insurance, as well as proper bonding.

How are home health care aides and practitioners trained? Aurora's home care aides and senior living facilities have a track record of excellence, with many patients enjoying a marked improvement in their quality of life. This distinction can only be made due to professionals being properly licensed.

Are meals custom-made? Many seniors require specific dietary needs – a comprehensive facility should be able to meet that need and beyond.

Staff to resident ratio and personalized care. Ask about how many registered nurses and certified aides are on duty at any given moment. This is particularly important if a loved one needs 24/7 supervision. You might find that smaller facilities offer more personalized care, with a homier atmosphere.

Are there any backup plans for a worker who has an emergency and can't take care of a loved one?

Paying for Senior Care

Many Aurora residents may be surprised to find that their Social Security income may not cover all living costs, especially since the average Social Security income is just $16,394 a year. Thankfully, there are many options when it comes to financing Senior care like long-term insurance that can help absorb the financial impact, government-funded care stemming from Medicare, as well as reverse mortgages.

Reverse mortgages work for Aurora residents over the age of 62, allowing them to turn equity linked to their home, into cash that can help relieve some of the costs of assisted living facilities. Many people think that a reverse mortgage requires them to relocate, however, a reverse mortgage will allow you to draw from your home's equity while still living in and retaining ownership of the property.

Big Events and Local Volunteer Opportunities

Six award-winning golf courses, Aurora's Morrison Nature Center, and Jewell Wetland's butterfly garden makes Aurora the ideal place for those living in Colorado and surrounding areas. For those who do not want to end their philanthropic streak post-retirement, you'll be happy to find several volunteer opportunities throughout Aurora and the greater Colorado area like the Aurora Public Library.

Many of Aurora senior living facilities take advantage of several of the 26 historic sites throughout the city, including the Gully Homestead of 1870, the Aurora Fox Theater and Arts Center, and the community-based Aurora History Museum.

Whether it's a neighborhood paved with accessible greenways or the security that comes from knowing that you are in one of the state's safest cities, Aurora's dedication to community building has made it a favorite retirement spot for locals who want to live out their golden years.

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