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Aurora Rehab Centers

Nursing homes primarily get used for long-term stays, but a third of seniors staying at these facilities only stay for a short while. Rehabilitation services at nursing locations allow older adults to regain the use of their legs and get back on their own two feet. Whether you had an accident that left you bed-bound or an illness that left you weak, you can use rehab to get back to normal. Here’s what you can expect from the recovery process.

What Can You Expect From Rehab?

What to expect varies for each person. The overall goal in all circumstances is to get you back home to your loved ones. The steps you take to get there will just be a little different depending on your reason for needing rehab in the first place. If you had a stroke, you would need speech therapy to gain back your ability to talk normally. If you had a knee replacement, you would need to improve your balance and walking abilities. A therapist works with you between five and seven days a week to reconquer your skills.

Where Do You Participate in Rehabilitation Services?

Aurora offers numerous nursing facilities where rehabilitation services get provided. The Summit Rehabilitation & Care Community is the primary option in the city. They provide physical, occupational, and language therapy, as well as stroke recovery. An amputee program for those who have lost a limb allows people with a further disability to get the help they need. St. Andrew’s Village provides another possibility. A full rehabilitation center provides space for patients to work with their physical therapists and improve their range of motion. Studio apartments give people the space to reside during their stay at the Village, with a private bedroom and bathroom. You can also check out the Life Care Center of Aurora. Semi-private and private room options are available. Whether you had a fall and need help gaining strength back in your legs or hips, or you experienced a severe illness that made you weak, the physical therapist will work with you to improve your balance and coordination.

What are the Elements of an Ideal Aurora Facility?

The ideal Aurora facility should be well-staffed with friendly members who welcome you and your family. The building should be well-maintained and clean, providing you with a safe and healthy environment. You also want to find a rehab center that is state-approved, meeting all certifications and requirements.

Who Handles Rehab Costs?

You do not have to handle rehab costs alone. If you have Medicare, they will pay for a portion of the expenses with Medicare Part A. To qualify for their assistance, you must have stayed in the hospital for at least three days due to your injury or illness and have written consent for treatment from a doctor. With all the qualifications met, you can attend your daily rehab sessions with most expenses paid. Anything not covered by Medicare may get covered by Medicaid or your private health insurance company.

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