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Aurora Neighborhood Guide

Multiple neighborhoods exist in Aurora that makes the area unique. From Aurora Hills to City Center North, the areas of Aurora offer inviting atmospheres that seniors can enjoy. While some are ideal for their shopping and restaurants, others offer historic sites that appeal to history aficionados. There is something for everyone.

Noteworthy Neighborhoods of Aurora

Tallyn’s Reach proves exceptionally livable with a score of 85 on the livability scale. It is the number one city in Aurora with a high income per capita. With a low crime rate and a stable housing market, the neighborhood is one of the most noteworthy in the area. Crime occurs at a 60 percent lower rate than other Aurora areas.

Heritage Eagle Bend is the second highest rated neighborhood in Aurora. It earns an 81 on the livability scale. The median household income is 62 percent greater than other Aurora areas, and the community receives an A rating for crime and B+ for amenities. A golf club provides one of the main attractions in the area, giving seniors plenty to do when they want to enjoy some relaxing time.

Senior-Friendly Neighborhoods in the City

Shenandoah ranks in the top 15 communities in all of Colorado. With an A+ rating for amenities, the area proves ideal for seniors looking to spend their remaining years living life to the fullest. Restaurants, bus stations, coffee shops, shopping centers, parks, and more fill the district, providing plenty to keep you occupied. The houses in this area sit in a secluded section that is not always noticed by a passersby. It keeps the community quiet and relaxing, yet it is still close to all the excellent features the city of Aurora has to offer.

Seniors looking to get fit can do so easily while living in Meadow Hills. Cherry Creek State Park sits in this community, providing one of the largest natural habitats in Denver. There are miles upon miles of hiking trails and biking trails, with a reservoir ideal for swimming and boating. You can walk or bike into the area for free, or pay a small fee when arriving by car.

Choosing Your Final Living Arrangement in Aurora

Your last living arrangement should not get made until you have decided which criteria you would most like a neighborhood to meet. It is never wise to settle for any location when there are specific ideas you have for how your environment should look. Consider the affordability, livability, and amenities before making your decision.

Neighborhoods with high livability scores may prove best for some seniors, but others would rather stay in an area where there are various amenities to enjoy. You can use Movoto to check out neighborhood guides or Areavibes for livability scores to determine the best place for you. The entire city of Aurora earns a 68 overall rating thanks to its low cost of living, sunny weather, and a plethora of amenities. Explore the neighborhood communities and determine which option best meets your needs for a high quality of life.

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