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Aurora In-Home Care

Familiar surroundings are what many seniors crave as they age. They want to continue seeing their childhood knick knacks, pictures of family on the walls, and favorite chair in the corner of the living room. Nursing homes do not provide the relaxed atmosphere of your former home life and do not give you the independence you may desire. In-home care is the best option if you fit these scenarios. It allows you to remain at home while still getting the care you need. The town of Aurora offers many in-home care options that enable you to continue living life in your home.

Choosing Aurora Home Care Agencies

Two types of home care agencies exist in Aurora. One type provides personal care while the other offers home health assistance. The private care providers pay close attention to daily needs. Staff members become companions, taking their clients to run errands, providing meals, helping with chores, and even assisting with showering and clothing changes. Home health is solely based on health needs. Nurses manage medication, measure vital signs, check weight, help with therapy options, and otherwise ensure the patient is as healthy as can be. They notify the person’s doctor if anything is out of the ordinary. You can utilize both services, or choose the one that you genuinely need for the time being.

The Colorado Code of Regulations indicates all home care agencies must comply with federal and state statutes. One of those rules details how the state must license home health service providers. Numerous licensed options are available in Aurora, ensuring you can find a provider that meets your needs.

Many seniors have similar needs when it comes to caring. Based on reviews from, we are able to indicate just what those needs are:

Compassion - “They are professional and compassionate,” wrote one home care recipient.

Attentiveness - One family member noted, “the caregivers are very attentive and dependable.”

Timeliness - “Anything I ask of them is done in a timely manner,” stated one client.

Consistency - A family member mentioned they “liked the fact that (their) caregivers were always the same ones.”

Choosing an agency in Aurora that offers consistent, timely, attentive, and compassionate staff members will ensure you find the best choice for you.

Receiving Care on Your Schedule

Many agencies tailor their care packages to meet the needs of each individual. What is right for one person may not be right for the next. You receive care on your schedule, based on the services you genuinely require. A part-time caregiver may drop in once or twice a week to check vital signs and ensure you have been taking your medication. A full-time caregiver comes daily to monitor your every need. You can even hire a live-in caregiver to be with you at all times. There is even respite care that gets provided on an as-needed basis, such as only when you are sick. The best option to choose depends on your illness, age, and level of mobility.

Making the Most of Your Options

In-home care does not come with just one option, as was already mentioned. You get to choose which type of care, as well as which schedule for care services you desire. You can make the most of your options by considering all aspects and choosing your course of action based on your truest needs.

Agency Versus Direct Hire - There is also a choice between using an agency to find a caregiver and making a direct hire yourself. The company requires a fee for using their services, but has a thorough vetting process and handles all background checks. Hiring the employee yourself allows you to set a rate, but also requires you to handle background checks on your own. It is your decision as to which one you would rather use.

Using Multiple Options at Once - You may also choose to use multiple options at once. Hire your own caregiver to come at certain times during the week such as weekends only. Use the agency-issued caregiver during the weekdays. It helps you save on costs yet still ensures there is someone to cover your care at all times.

Consider Other Local Services - Caregivers are not the only ones who can assist you. There are other local services you can use when in need of transportation, delivery, shopping, or other related services. Amazon Prime allows you to order groceries, pet supplies, and much more online, and have it all delivered to your door in just two days. It saves you from having to hire a caregiver to handle shopping tasks for you.

Aurora In-Home Care Costs

You may not have to pay for all in-home care costs on your own. While the fees are your responsibility, there are options available to help you lower your portion of the payments. Medicare and Medicaid are two options. Medicare allows Aurora residents over the age of 65 to receive health insurance that pays for some of their home care costs. You can contact Michael Gorelik, an Aurora insurance agent, at (720) 708-7683 to discuss your options. Only Medicare-approved home care agencies are typically allowed.

You may visit the Arapahoe County Human Services Office to speak about Medicaid. The building’s location is 14980 E. Alameda Drive. You can also call the office at 303-636-1170. Long-term Medicaid care covers much of the home-based services that Medicare does not. If you would rather apply for services online, you can visit the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing website and submit an application.

Utilizing these insurance options is your best bet at saving money on care costs. The cost of care varies greatly across the nation but is more costly on average in the state of Colorado. You can expect to pay around $21 per hour for both homemaker services and home health aide services in Aurora. The high hourly price could mean spending more than $50,000 per year on care costs. Veterans can look into local options to see if there are any further discounts or help available in the area.

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