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Aurora Hospice Care

Facing your last weeks or months after a long and fulfilling life can be an emotionally draining experience for both you and your loved ones. Aurora seniors are lucky to have a large selection of high-quality hospice care providers to make this time as easy as possible for all involved.

Although hospice care can be provided in a separate care facility, this isn’t the only place seniors can receive services. Hospice care will be provided wherever you reside; family home, senior residential community, or in a hospital setting.

Hospice care will ensure that your last days are as comfortable and pain-free as possible. If your physician has informed you that it’s time to consider hospice care, this article will show you what hospice care is, who provides it, and how you can pay for it in Aurora, Colorado.

Hospice Service Personnel 

Aurora seniors will receive hospice care from a team of experienced professionals who are each a specialist in some aspect of the care you need.

Guiding your hospice care and overseeing any medical treatments will be your hospice care doctor. His or her primary concern will be maintaining any pain relief treatment and medication that you need while dealing appropriately with any health crises that may arise.

Nurses will carry out the doctor’s instructions, monitor and record your vitals, and administer medications as required.

Home health or homemaker aides will run errands, do housework, prepare meals, and relieve your loved ones of any tasks that may take them away from time spent with you.

Speech and physical therapists will be present if you need assistance with speaking or functions like swallowing. Social workers and counselors will provide important emotional support and help with any administrative paperwork from the hospital or hospice service provider.

Finding Hospice Care in Aurora

The Hospice & Palliative Care Association of the Rockies is a brilliant resource for all things related to hospice care service in Colorado. Use their comprehensive directory of hospice care services to assemble a list of providers near you. has a comprehensive directory of client-reviewed hospice care services in Aurora and the surrounding area. Make sure to use to find the best-reviewed hospice care providers, like Colorado Springs Hospice Care in Denver, just outside of Aurora. Colorado Springs Hospice Care will provide top notch hospice services for Colorado seniors.

Eligible veterans can visit the Veteran’s Administration website to learn about the hospice care services they can receive from the VA health care system.

Finally, your doctor will be able to provide the contact information for hospice care providers that he’s familiar with.

Paying For Aurora Hospice Care

Fortunately for Aurora seniors, Medicare part A will cover hospice care services, as will most private insurance.

Veterans who meet eligibility requirements can receive VA financed hospice care.

Low-income seniors will be able to find hospice care providers who charge according to a sliding scale. Hospice care can be financed in so many ways that no senior should have difficulties getting the care they need.

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