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Aurora Financial Advisors

Planning out your finances is an important task as a senior. You need to be sure you have your money in order so you can plan for retirement, health care coverage, estate planning, and more. Rather than deciding on these factors alone, it is best to work with a financial advisor who has experience in determining the best course of action based on current financial means and future goals. It is just a matter of finding the right advisor for the job.

Start Speaking With an Advisor Now

You never want to wait to speak to an advisor. Talk to one now so you can get your financial plans on track and start the planning process. You should sit down with your advisor and review your accounts and goals so the two of you can come up with the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Find an Advisor in Aurora

The city of Aurora has many advisors for you to work with at any time. You should search through the options until you can settle on one that feels right to you. Start by sifting through the companies listed with the Better Business Bureau. Not only does the website offer contact information for each location, but also the rating assigned to each business based on reviews and complaints from previous clients. Farrah Tax Advisory Group, LLC provides one option with an A+ rating in Aurora.

The Certified Financial Planner Board offers a database of professional names. Use the “Find a Financial Planner” tool to search through a list of options in Aurora, CO. Their compensation methods, bankruptcy information, and disciplinary history allow you to determine which person is best for the job.

Select the Best Aurora Advisor for the Job

Selecting the best Aurora advisor for the job depends on your criteria. One client may want a financial planner who gets compensated by a commission and fee method. Another customer may choose a planner who gets paid by fee only. Search the CFP Board directory to find professionals who fit your specifications.

You can even use the CFP Board website to find professionals based on how much investable assets you have to offer. Some only accept high-profile clients, while others are willing to take you even with less than $99,000 in assets to invest. You can even search by language, ensuring you find an advisor who can speak to you in the language you understand best.

Choose a specialty if you want a particular service. Todd Dussex with LPL Financial Services offers Comprehensive Financial Planning. James Pasztor with Pasztor & Associates offers Life Planning. Perhaps you want a company that offers various services so you can utilize several of them. Consider working with Robert Tremlett from Waddell & Reed. He handles Comprehensive Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Asset Allocation, Banking, and much more.

Once you find a financial advisor that meets your criteria, you can begin your planning process to ensure your financial future. Consider all recommendations and advice before settling on the person you will continue to work with throughout your lifetime.

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