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Aurora Aging In Place

Getting older means making a lot of important decisions about your health and long-term care.  You have a lot of options but you probably want to be able to stay in your home and aging in place services can help you do that.  These services include homemakers and home health aides, two of the most common in-home services that help you maintain your home and health with cooking, cleaning, daily grooming, and medication reminders.  You can stay in your home longer by using any one of the many services offered here in Aurora.  

Is There Financial Help For In-Home Care?

Since many seniors live on a limited income, there are ways you can get financial help to cover in-home care services.  First, if your doctor agrees that you need care in your home, you could get reimbursed for the services you use.  Veterans should take a look at their VA bill to see if they have coverage and if you do, use approved providers.  The Denver County Area Agency on Aging also has a few programs you can use to find financial assistance for things like homemakers and other in-home care services. 

How Much Will This Cost?

There are a few things that will contribute to the total cost of your in-home care.  First, where you live can play a big role as well as the type of care you choose.  Also, how often you decide to use in-home care will raise or lower your price.  The national average for homemakers and home health aides is right around $3,800 per month.  

The averages in Aurora are a little higher with homemakers costing around $4,385 per month and home health aides costing around $4,576 per month.  That cost roughly translates into about $144 to $150 per day.  While this might seem high, keep in mind these are just average costs.  It’s also a lot less expensive than the $282 per day it costs for a private room in a nursing home.

What Do I Do When Looking For A Provider In Aurora?

You don’t want to go with just any provider in your area, you need a company that is a good fit for your needs, your budget, and makes you feel comfortable.  Talk with your doctor as well as friends and relatives to see if you can get a few good suggestions.  You can also look online at sites like the Better Business Bureau of Aurora.  This site is helpful because you can read about the company and see how other customers liked their services.

When looking at places, choose ones that are insured, bonded, and licensed.  You also want to pick companies that do a thorough background check on their employees or use some screening process.  Before you make any final decisions ask what their payment procedures are like and if they have a particular method to scheduling services.  Once you feel comfortable with a place, then you can make your final decision.

Are There Other In-Home Care Choices?  

Just because homemakers and home health aides are the most common choices for care doesn’t mean they are the only ones.  Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to have full-time care, but you have a few chores you can’t do on your own anymore.  That’s where concierge services come in handy.  These services allow you to pick and choose what you need and when you need all from your computer. will help you find dog walkers and pet sitters and Handy will help you find house cleaners.  Favor and TaskRabbit will allow you to find someone to assist you with other random chores or errands. lets you search for contractors in your area to help with home repairs, improvements or remodels.  Amazon Home Services features eight different categories and will help you find local professionals for any number of tasks.  No matter what you choose, make sure to research each service properly.  

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