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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Atlanta

When was the last time that you had to apply for a job? If you’re a senior in the workforce and suddenly find yourself without a job it can be a scary time, especially if you haven’t had to apply for a job in many years. The job market has changed, and if you haven’t kept up you might feel a little lost. In fact, according to an AARP 2015 study conducted on seniors 55 and over, most people this age take longer to find a new job and once they do, they often work fewer hours and for a lower salary than before. You don’t have to feel entirely hopeless though because Atlanta offers their seniors a few different resources to make finding a job a little easier and less stressful.

Resources for 55+ Job-Seekers in Atlanta

The LDS Employment Resource Services have a rather large Atlanta location and a lot of resources you can take advantage of as you begin your job search. They have numerous workshops that you can take as well as training, education, and employment opportunities through their online database. They also have a list of other resources that are available to the community right on their page.

The other nice feature of LDS is that you can create a profile on their database and use that one resume to apply to a variety of different jobs all at once. This gives you a better chance of finding the right job for you.

You can also look into the U.S. Department of State as they have a long list of resources for seniors that are looking for a job. Most of these organizations are nonprofit and help match seniors with jobs that use their experience and strongest skillset.

Low-Income Job Training for Seniors

Don’t be worried if you’re in a low-income situation and you need to find a job. Many job services don’t cost anything and are free to the public. The only downside is that while you are using these resources, you won’t be making any money and that can be a problem if you’re a low-income senior.

The Georgia Division of Aging Services offers the federally-funded Senior Community Service Employment Program or SCSEP. Through this program you can not only get job training and help with job placement, you also get the chance to earn a paycheck while doing it.

As long as you meet the age and income requirements to be enrolled in the program, you will be placed in a subsidized job in your community that matches with your job goals. You can work on the state or national level. Also, while you’re getting on-the-job training, you will earn a small paycheck. Once you have completed your training and are ready to move on, you’ll receive help with job placement. You will receive the skills you need to succeed through this program as well as help your community while supporting your family in the meantime.

Other Job Resources for Senior Jobseekers

AARP is another great resource for seniors 50+ who are looking for new jobs, careers or are ready to start their own small business. You can find jobs anywhere in the country and they have a lot of training and skill strengthening workshops available on their site.

The Georgia Department of Labor has special services for veterans to make sure they can find a job as well as more resources for any senior looking for a new job. If you’re ready to take on small business ownership, you can look to the Georgia Small Business Resource Directory to find everything that you need.

You shouldn’t be stressed out when you’re trying to find a new job and Atlanta has a lot of opportunities to find new careers, expand your skills, and allow employers to see the experience and benefit you could bring their business.

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