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Medicare in Atlanta

Over 100,000 people in Fulton County, where Atlanta is located, are Medicare beneficiaries. So, there is a good chance that you yourself are receiving these benefits. If you have questions about your benefits or are just enrolling for the first time then you can find help with online resources and locations throughout your area. Here you can find doctors, health care facilities, learn about what Medicare covers, and find out where to go in your city if you need help.

A Short Summary Of Medicare

Medicare is a federal health care plan, that is for residents that are 65 and older but there are cases where younger people, who have disabilities can get Medicare benefits as well. Also, if you have end-stage renal disease you might be eligible for benefits. Medicare comes in four different parts and depending on your needs you can choose one or all of the parts.

Part A is for hospital coverage. This part takes care of hospital or skilled nursing facility stays and can cover hospice or some home health care options.

Part B is for medical coverage. This part takes care of doctor visits, outpatient services, and preventative services. It can also cover medical supplies you may need.

Part C is a customizable plan called Medicare Advantage Plans. A private company will cover your Part A and B services and offer their own prescription drug coverage.

Part D is an add-on prescription service that can cover your drug costs if you don’t have Part C.

Medicare Data For Atlanta

The average beneficiary age for Fulton County is 71.

Between 2007 and 2014, the per capita costs of Medicare have increased by 18.9% which is much higher than the national average of 4%.

37% of Fulton County’s Medicare costs go to inpatient care services and $52,195 per user is spent on long-term care.

10.7% of beneficiaries have Alzheimer's which is .7% higher than the national average.

More women (55.5%) are on Medicare in Fulton County than men (44.5).

Medicare Offices In Atlanta

Atlanta happens to have one of the Medicare regional offices and is in charge of the surrounding states, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee. You can go to this office for help with all of your Medicare needs and they also handle Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It’s also the building for the SSA so if you have any Social Security issues, you can go here as well.

Atlanta Federal Center 61 Forsyth St., SW, Suite 4T20 Atlanta, GA 30303 (214) 767-6423

The Georgia Department of Community Health also has online help for Medicare users and can connect you to different resources in the area and is also a great online resource for Medicare needs.

Medicare Providers And Services

Medicare has made it very simple to search for Medicare-approved doctors and facilities in your area with the Physician Compare tool. You can search by doctor, group practice, and even by the type of care you need. When looking for geriatric physicians and services in Atlanta, the tool shows there are 187 health care professionals within 25 miles of Atlanta.

This is also a great way to see where each doctor is located, where they provide their services, and what kind of Medicare plans they accept. You can also do this for nursing homes, hospitals, home health options, and many more medical services.

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