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Medicaid in Atlanta

As a senior, you’re probably thinking more about your long-term care costs and wondering how you are going to pay for everything. Medicaid can play a big role in your total costs if you meet the requirements and apply for benefits. You can get access to things like nursing homes, in-home health care, assisted living facilities, and numerous other programs and services. Atlanta residents can take advantage of a few resources in the area to learn more about Medicaid and start getting financial help.

Who Qualifies For Medicaid in Georgia?

There are a few simple requirements to start the Medicaid application process. For seniors, you need to be 65 or have a disability or need nursing home care for longer than 30 days. Other factors that will come into play are your income level and how many assets you have to your name, not including things like your house or car.

Where Should You Go To Apply For Medicaid?

The simplest way to apply for your Medicaid benefits is to go online at the Georgia Department of Health Services. You can create an account, find out if you’re eligible, and fill out an application at this site.

You can also mail in your application to your local DCFS office, just print off this form to fill out and send in. If you want to speak with a representative you can call your local DCFS office or visit one of these Medicaid offices:

Georgia Medicaid- 2 Peachtree St. NW (404) 651-8681 Community Health Department- 2 Peachtree St. NW #5 (404) 656-4507 CMS- Atlanta Regional Office- 61 Forsyth St. SW (404) 562-7500

Employees at any one of these buildings can help you with your Medicaid application. If you need access to a computer or internet connection, you can go to any one of the Atlanta Public Libraries to use their computers. The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library also offers computer classes that can teach you the basics of the internet so your application process can be even easier.

What Can I Expect To Be Covered Under Medicaid?

Some of the basic things you can expect to be covered under Medicaid in Atlanta are things like prescription medication, medical supplies and equipment, along with services like doctor’s appointments, lab tests, and X-Rays. Medicaid mostly covers the type of services you would find with other insurance plans.

There are some additional services for seniors though when it comes to long-term care. You can get coverage for nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living facilities, in-home health care, adult day care programs, and more. There are different waivers you can use to cover other long-term care services. Georgia also has a Long Term Care Partnership that connects Medicaid patients with the services they need that they might not be able to afford.

Atlanta Transportation for Medicaid Seniors

As a Medicaid senior, you can also receive transportation services to things like doctor’s appointments or medical procedures. Southeastrans provides rides to Atlanta seniors and all you need to get started with this service is a current Medicaid identification card. You can visit their website for more details or call them at (404) 209-4000 to schedule a ride.

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