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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta is a sprawling city with a lot of retirement options to fit a variety of budgets. One of the first things you should do is consider what size of accommodations you will be comfortable in for the foreseeable future. Your current health care needs can be a major factor in this choice. For example, you may want to move to a retirement community that offers different areas and level of care. This allows you to stay in the same community even if your health care or personal needs become greater over time.

Overall Cost Of Accommodations And Utilities

Some retirement communities have more inclusive rentals than others. You can save a substantial amount just by doing a few things yourself. If you can take care of some of your meals, then you don't need to pay for an extensive meal plan. Cable and the internet are often services that you pay for yourself, or you may need your television purchased. This all adds to the cost.

If you have a roommate, you can reduce cost per person quite a bit. Popular neighborhoods that are close to major attractions and amenities are naturally going to cost more, but this may be well worth it to you if you crave a lot of options for things to do during your retirement.

One bedroom apartments in Atlanta rent for $1307 a month, and two bedroom apartment rents average $1700. Splitting the cost with someone else would result in rent of $850 per month per renter. This means sharing a place saves $6,000 per year of your retirement fund.

Rent prices can vary a lot depending on where you want to live in Atlanta. Candler Park has an average rent of over $2,500 while Grove Park average rent is a mere $800.

The median home price in Atlanta is $189,400. It is important to note that the average home price has risen 12% over the last year. Like many large cities, there is a big range in home prices. Prices are to increase over the next year, which has led to many retirees to look to areas right outside Atlanta such as Decatur.

Great Medical Care Throughout Retirement

Atlanta is lucky to have such great medical facilities. The Atlanta VA Medical Center and the Atlanta Medical Center are two major hospitals providing a large range of services. There is no shortage of smaller private practices as well.

Amenities And Recreation

There is a lot of great shopping in the Atlanta area so you can get some good deals on basics such as clothing and household supplies. When it comes to letting down your hair, the parks and other green spaces are available in abundance.

During the warmer months, there are a lot of street performers and events that are free. The public library system has many branches with a good selection of services, some of which are available online for easy access.

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