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Financial Assistance for Atlanta Seniors

Atlanta is a great place to call home, especially for seniors who know the value of having social amenities within reach and a loving community. The cost of living in Atlanta is 1.7% below the national average, making Atlanta one of the most affordable cities to live in.

If you are a senior living in Atlanta and you are facing financial difficulties, you can benefit from the financial assistance offered by nonprofit organizations and the local government through the following ways.

Hot Meals And Groceries For Seniors In Atlanta

No senior in Atlanta should sleep hungry because they do not have money. The Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Georgia has federal government funding, and it aims at providing seniors and low-income households with the help they need to pay for food. Seniors need only to register in their area, and their eligibility will ensure they get food.

Senior citizens in Atlanta also have access to several agencies that assist with offering food as well as delivering it, in situations where the seniors cannot cook for themselves or go to the groceries store to buy some groceries. Some of these agencies and feeding programs include Meals on Wheels,, local churches, and senior centers. Some of the programs provide free meals while others provide meals at a very subsidized cost.

Weatherization, Home Maintenance, And Utility Bills

Even with Atlanta having a cost of living that is slightly lower than the national average, seniors can experience some financial difficulties. For example, some seniors may not have the money to weatherproof their homes with the changes in seasons.

Seniors also face challenges when the home they have been living in for so many years becomes unfriendly to their physical abilities, such a mobility challenge in a two-story home. The good news about living in Atlanta is that the government and nonprofit organizations do offer weatherization and home repair services for free or at very low costs.

Since seniors might not have access to the many sources of income they once had when they were young and vibrant, chances that they will need financial assistance to pay their bills are very high. Atlanta comes to the rescue of such seniors by offering grants and other forms of financial support that they can use to pay their utility bills.

Social Activities, Helping Hands, And Transportation

Since most seniors have a lot of time on their hands because they do not go to work, some agencies in Atlanta keep them busy with fun and interactive social activities. Many organizations take in these seniors and take good care of them during the day.

Seniors need someone to help them go about their daily activities, whether it is going for routine checkups in the hospital, going to buy groceries at the store, or anywhere else. Since employing someone to walk with them and drive them everywhere may be too costly, seniors can benefit from the volunteers of various agencies in Atlanta that offer services to seniors that include pick up and drop off.

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