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Atlanta Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Atlanta and the surrounding beltway is home to a lot of different organizations and community groups that rely on volunteers to help them further their causes and create a better world around them. As a retiree, you are likely going to have more time to contribute to things you are passionate about. There are a lot of different volunteer opportunities out there.

One way to get started thinking about volunteering is to consider what you like to do. If you are working on something that gives you a lot of enjoyment, then you will naturally do a better job. It is not hard to find volunteer positions that are manageable with the databases and connections that can be found online or with a short phone call.

Hands On Atlanta

This group is known for encouraging volunteers of all ages for a lot of different projects. If you already volunteer for a group in Atlanta that doesn't list opportunities on this site, then you might want to get more info out there about your group. One example of a volunteer position is tutoring kids within the school system on a few Saturdays per month.

Best Self Magazine Listings

While it may seem odd that a magazine lists a lot of volunteer information, Best Self is all about self-improvement and giving back to others. Listings change a lot and are categorized by the focus of the organization. Convenient links allow you to easily learn more and even sign-up to a be a volunteer. Organizing service times is easy when you set-up online accounts with the organizations you want to work with.

YMCA Of Atlanta

The YMCA has long been a popular organization to volunteer with. The YMCA lists opportunities at Volunteer Match. Community garden projects are a popular choice for seniors. In this position, you will be around people of all ages and help younger people learn to grow food and enjoy the beauty of the world around them.

Others may be interested in the youth mentoring program where you help kids learn how to be great adults through good and healthy choices. You may help kids that are going through a tough time at home or school.

Atlanta VA Medical Center

The Atlanta area is home to a large veterans hospital that is in constant need of volunteers for many tasks. You may just spend time with veterans that are injured and need support transitioning back into civilian life, or you may help serve meals to those that are in extended care.

The VA is good at matching volunteers to a position that suits their talents and ability levels. The best way to get a position is to contact them directly and let them know what limitations or talents you have to offer.

Finding More Opportunities

The activities coordinator at retirement complexes and assisted living centers are often able to help you find volunteer positions. There may already be a lot of group projects arranged that you can easily sign-up to get involved.

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