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Atlanta Senior Movers and Downsizers

A few years back, moving was a family and friends affair where people would just put all their belongings in all the available friends and relatives cars and take them to the new home. People have since moved from the above system and into a system where professional movers handle all the heavy lifting, a system that is working perfectly today.

Regardless of how many times a person moves no move is quite like the senior move. Seniors need movers that specialize in moving seniors, not the average movers we have today because their moving process is different.

What Makes The Senior Move So Different?

Unlike young families, seniors tend to move from the homes that they have owned for decades, to homes that are much smaller. Consequently, most seniors have to go through downsizing, because they cannot move with all that they have. Also, most seniors do not have the energy to move back and forth from where they live to the new homes to plan exactly how they want their new home to look like, while at the same time organizing how to dispose of some of the things that will not fit into the new home. Most movers will not do any of the above, but senior movers and downsizers will do much more than the above.

When To Contact A Senior Move Expert

When a senior or his or her family realize that the home the senior is living in is no longer fit for them, the first person to call ought to be the senior move expert. You cannot afford to call this expert on the day of the move to do his or her job because most of the work that this expert does begins days or even weeks before the actual move. You might be surprised to find out that some senior move managers do not handle the actual move because they concentrate more on planning all other aspects involved in planning, downsizing, and settling the senior.

Finding A Senior Mover And Downsizer In Atlanta

Since approximately 10% of Atlanta's population is above the age of 65 years, senior movers and downsizers are in great numbers here. Chances of finding a senior who has used moving and downsizing services are very high, and depending on the experience he or she had you can seek after the same professionals.

A list of the most qualified senior movers in Atlanta is available at the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), with their contacts and website information. You can find senior movers with the best reviews from, the Accredited Business Directory (BBB), and from

The Cost Of A Senior Mover In Atlanta

Since senior moving calls for more than the average move, you can expect the cost to be slightly more than what you can pay to move a young family. However, so many factors are involved in determining the cost, factors such as the distance involved, the quantity of possessions on transit, the number of hours that the movers will spend on a particular job and the quality of service you can expect. You can get the most accurate figures from a moving company.

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