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Atlanta Senior Living

Atlanta is a great place to retire because the cost of living here is lower and Georgia has so much to offer its residents. However, sometimes as you get older you realize you need more help than before and you might not know all of your options when it comes to senior care. More than just nursing homes, you can customize a plan to fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Here we have a quick guide to the costs of senior care as well as the variety of care you can find in Atlanta.

The Cost of Care in Atlanta

Luckily, Atlanta is one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. when it comes to senior care costs. In 2015 in the U.S., the average cost for a private room in a nursing home was $91,250 and in Atlanta, that cost was $80,665. For a semi-private room, the national average went down to $80,300 and the cost in Atlanta was $72,051. The assisted living facilities in Atlanta were even lower at $36,720 on average.

Now, these aren’t your only options and you can choose in-home care as well as adult day care programs to suit your budgets. All the costs are lower than national averages and you can find a big range in price in the Atlanta area. Keep in mind though that these costs are expected to rise within the next five years by as much as 5%.

All Senior Care Options in Atlanta

With both in-home and out of home care, you can find whatever type of services that fit your needs. Here we have a short list of the kinds of care you can get here in Atlanta as well as some questions you should be asking.

Care in your own home

Homemaker Services- Most seniors want to stay in their home for as long as possible and homemaker services can keep that a possibility. The state of Georgia has a homemaker program that will send professionals to your house to help you with things like cooking, cleaning, transportation, getting dressed, and running errands.

In-Home Health Care- This type of service will bring health care professionals, like nurses, into your home to perform a variety of medical tasks like treating wounds, administering medication, and even physical therapy. You can contact a company like Prosper Home Care to see what services they can provide in the Atlanta area.

Adult Day Care- Adult day care offers more than just rest for regular caregivers, it gives seniors the opportunity to socialize with others and learn new things. At a place like Plymouth Harbor you can do things like take exercise classes, do arts and crafts, get a healthy meal, and even watch live performances.

Independent Services- Have a hard time walking your dog every day or getting your groceries for the week? You can find someone to help you with almost any task around your house. A quick search on an online site like Amazon Home Services or Angie’s List can lead you to people who can help with any chore you need.

Quick Questions for In-Home Care

You should ask as many questions as possible before you make your choice. Here are a few questions to get you started.

Do all health care providers have up to date licensing and the proper qualifications? Are all workers insured and bonded? Did you go over all fees and costs for services before they perform their job? Did you create a backup plan in case your caregiver can’t make it to your home?

Assisted Living Options

If you’re ready to move to a new community and enjoy some of the benefits of assisted living, here are a few of your options.

Independent Living- This option gives you your own home or apartment in a resort like community. You get to live surrounded by people your age as well as enjoy an active lifestyle.

Assisted Living- With this choice, you will still get your own living space but the staff will have a more hands-on approach. They can help with things like meal preparation, transportation to appointments, and simple things like getting dressed or medication management.

Nursing Homes- A nursing facility is going to be more like a hospital and nurses will be able to give you the medical attention you might need after a surgery or with a chronic condition.

Dementia Care- This care is also similar to a hospital, but set-up to take care of the special needs that come with dementia and Alzheimer’s. This means more security to stop wandering as well as a calm and relaxing environment.

Quick Questions For Facilities

When it comes to a new living environment, you want to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. Here are a few questions to ask as you begin your search.

What are all the rules and regulations of the facility/community? What are all the services included in the cost and is it possible to bring in outside providers if necessary? Is there a continuum of care offered? What is it? Ask for a tour of the facility as well as to see the yearly state inspection report.

How to Pay for Senior Care

While costs might be lower in Atlanta, senior care still isn’t cheap. However you might not have to pay for everything out of pocket. Look to Social Security benefits as well as other insurance policies to see if you have coverage there. You can check to see if you meet the requirements of Medicaid and get a large portion of your costs covered if you do. If you’re a veteran you can check your local office to see if your VA benefits offer any financial assistance. Homeowners can sell their house if they’re moving or look into renting it out if they will only be gone for a short amount of time.

Community Involvement in Atlanta

You can also look into giving back to your community during your retirement years. This is a great way to spend your time as well as share your talents. Hands on Atlanta helps match volunteers with organizations and causes that mesh with your interests. Senior Corps can give you opportunities to be a foster grandparent and so much more on a national scale.

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