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Atlanta Neighborhood Guide

The old Southern city of Atlanta is a popular place to retire due to all the amenities. Atlanta boasts a central location that makes it easy to getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains or takes a trip to the beach.

With a bustling arts and dining scene, you can have fun exploring many different cultures. Atlanta is great for those that want good public transportation. The MARTA trains offer an easy way to get around and meet new people.

Old 4th Ward

If you live in the Old 4th Ward, you will be close to the Atlanta Medical Center. If you have certain health conditions, you may want to strongly consider them when choosing your neighborhood. The crime rate is much lower in the 4th Ward than the average for all of the Atlanta. It is easy to access Atlanta's large parks from the 4th Ward.


When you want luxury, there is Buckhead. With an array of fine dining options and some of the most outstanding architecture in the South, it is hard not to be impressed with this neighborhood. Tree lined streets, and amazing high-end shopping attracts a lot of visitors. At night, there are countless musical acts and entertainment options. Buckhead is a mix of high-end housing and homes that are more reasonably priced so don't let the luxury make you think Buckhead is not a good retirement option.

Grant Park

With green space and proximity to the Atlanta Zoo, this is a good neighborhood for those that want to stay pretty active. There is a lot of old architecture in Grant Park. Street musicians and art vendors are abundant. Home prices are reasonable, so the cost of living can be lower than you might expect.

The Suburbs

Atlanta has a lot of different small towns and neighborhoods located outside the belt way. Decatur, GA offers a small town vibe with all the amenities and entertainment options of a larger city. A quick commute puts you right in downtown Atlanta. For those that want the convenience of being close to the amenities, a large city can offer with the laid back feel of a smaller town, look to the outlying communities and neighborhoods.

Tyrone offers a low home price with a low crime rate and a lot of amenities. A high average level of income makes for a vibrant local shopping and arts scene. Nearby, Johns Creek has one of the lowest crime rates for any Atlanta suburb. This affluent community sets the standard for luxury living. With six different golf courses, Johns Creek is a popular neighborhood for retirees that want to stay active. An average home cost of just at $336,000 makes it affordable when compared to home costs in a lot of the country.

Considering Your Options

With so many neighborhoods to choose from, you may want to visit or do online research of what different neighborhoods offer. Talking to locals gives an insight into real life in a neighborhood. Investing in a place to retire is a big step, and you want to make sure you are making the right choice.

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