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Atlanta Hospice Care

Most people do not understand what Hospice care is. Some people think that when patients go for hospice care, they stop the treatments and medication that they were taking for the life-threatening condition they are suffering from. Other people think that hospice care is just about the eliminating physical pain, while others believe that patients can only access this care in hospice centers, nursing homes, and hospitals, which is not the case.

What Is Hospice Care And Who Provides It?

Hospice care involves helping patients who are suffering from a terminal disease to be comfortable physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The patients can receive the treatment at home, a health institution, or anywhere the caregivers can get to them.

The patient's family and friends are part of a team of caregivers, who all work together to meet all the needs of the patient. Here is the rest of the team:

Doctors: Whether the patient wants to receive care from his or her personal doctor or the hospice physician, the doctor in charge will make sure that the patient experiences little to no pain during the whole treatment period.

Nurses: A nurse will follow the doctor's instructions concerning medication and care, making sure that the patient is as physically comfortable as possible.

The clergy: Most people want to be ready for what lies on the other side of this life, and the clergy comes to prepare them according to their faith. The above brings great comfort even for the family, as they get the assurance that their loved one will go to a better place.

Counselors: Just like the clergy, counselors come to comfort the patient as well as the family, and help them to be ready for what is about to happen. The mental and emotional peace that follows counseling helps a great deal.

Therapists: If the patient has speech, physical, or any other challenge, physical therapists step in to help them deal with their challenges, and contribute to improving their quality of life in any way possible.

Trained volunteers and social workers: These people are always available for the patient and the family, doing things for them that no one else would be in a position to. They can just sit and listen to the patient, they can run errands, and take care of the family all in a bid to bring comfort.

Hospice Services In Atlanta

The list of hospice caregivers in Atlanta and its surrounding areas is very long, and making a choice at which the best one is would be a challenge. Reading online reviews, asking your doctor, and asking people who have received such services is a good way to determine where you want to go.

To assist you in your search, you can access the world's largest senior review site,, and get an idea of the best hospices in Atlanta.

Making The Payments

Making payments for hospice care can be as comfortable as the care itself, especially if you have health insurance. Most patients who access hospice have Medicare insurance, which can cover every dollar incurred during the treatment of the patient's terminal illness. Other patients use Medicaid and other independent health insurance.

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