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Atlanta Funeral Homes

Having access to several reliable resources to help you find a reputable funeral home helps to alleviate the stress associated with losing a loved one. Included in this guide is an overview of your funeral rights as a consumer as provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Listed are helpful suggestions and tips on what to look for when searching for a funeral service provider along with creative ways to save money when making funeral arrangements.

Be an Informed Consumer Regarding Your Funeral Rights

The federal government protects consumers who are searching for a funeral home through a variety of standard guidelines as stipulated within the Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Funeral Rule. The FTC regulations govern the manner in which funeral service providers operate and sell services to consumers. The FTC Funeral Rule, which includes numerous regulations listed on their website, includes the following:

Consumers have the right to compare services offered by several funeral homes and to only choose and pay for those they want and need.

Funeral homes may not force consumers to purchase package service plans that include features they do not want to pay for when making arrangements.

Funeral homes must give consumers detailed price sheets for each available funeral service when they request an itemized list of possible expenses.

Consumers have the option to provide a funeral home with a selected urn or casket purchased at another business. A funeral home cannot charge consumers a fee to handle the alternative urn or casket.

Resources to Help You Find a Funeral Home

Digital Memorial provides an extensive listing of nationwide funeral homes and cemeteries that are accessible using their online search tool. Consumers can view several funeral homes in the Atlanta area and make a comparison of their available service options and features. Some funeral providers in the Atlanta region include Kennedy Memorial Gardens and H. M. Patterson & Son Spring Hill Chapel. The funeral home listings provide consumers with details about their services and optional arrangements.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) maintains an online BBB Accredited Business Directory of funeral homes in the Atlanta area that consumers may want to use. The BBB provides an alternative option when looking for a reputable funeral service provider that includes a ratings overview based on customer satisfaction levels. The Federal Trade Commission offers helpful suggestions on their (FTC) Funeral Planning Tip page that consumers may also want to explore.

Your Options to Help Make Funeral Expenses Affordable

Consumers that are on a budget can still honor the passing of loved one with available funeral service arrangements. You can cut back on unnecessary expenses by only purchasing the basic features that you need to lay a recently deceased family member or friend to rest. Opt for the least expensive casket that you can afford and consider doing without the expensive extras that you may not be able to cover.

Some other ways you can save is to consider if neighbors or friends would want to help by catering the reception that follows a funeral at their home. Everyone can contribute by bringing food items instead of having to pay extra to have the funeral home provide a catered reception onsite at their hall location. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral pricing checklist is another helpful online resource that consumers can print off and have handy to guide them when making funeral service arrangements.

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