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Atlanta Family Caregiver Benefits

When a parent or spouse ages and is less able to perform daily activities like running errands, paying bills, going to the doctor, cooking, and cleaning, those duties fall to the healthy spouse or adult children. Taking over those duties can happen so gradually, that the caregiving family member doesn’t even realize that the role has formally made them a senior caregiver. It might seem natural to care for another member of the family when they need help, but when caregiving becomes routine, those duties can become frustrating and stressful. Seniors who care for grandchildren, in addition to themselves, are also caregivers. Caregivers who are willing to share the load by accepting services, respite, and support find that their duties become less cumbersome and more enjoyable. Here are some resources for senior caregivers in Atlanta:

Georgia Division of Aging Services

The Older Americans Act is a federal program that created the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). The congressmen reauthorized the program in 2000. As part of that re-authorization, the Act included the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP). This program targeted caregivers as the citizens who needed federal assistance to care for their loved ones because congressmen recognized that caregivers were able to provide care longer when they were able to get some respite and reprieve from full time caregiving.

All Georgia Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) provide programs which include adult day care, respite, and other support services. There are 12 Area Agencies on Aging that assist individuals age 60 and older and their caregivers. Some of the services that AAA provides include:

Nutrition, meals, and wellness



Fitness and recreation

Emergency response


Homemaker services

Friendly visiting and telephone reassurance

Personal care


Support groups

Adult day services

Home modification and repair


Fulton County Aging and Youth Services

The Area Agency on Aging for Atlanta is the Fulton County Aging and Youth Services. Fulton County has a five-year strategic plan that has five strategic priorities. The first priority is to address the health and social needs of the most vulnerable and at risk children, youth, and seniors. The second priority is to improve relationships across the generations. The third priority is to maintain a culture of quality, integrity, and transparency. The fourth priority is to create and sustain partnerships to implement innovative practices. The fifth priority is to promote preparation for a productive and healthy future. The full five-year strategic plan was developed with the prospect of caring for Atlanta’s residents from the cradle through the golden years.

STARline (Soaring Through Ages Resources)

Fulton County offers the STARline program for individuals age 55 or older and their caregivers. Individuals age 60 and over may be eligible for in-home services. Interested caregivers may find more information by calling (404) 613-6000

Caregivers will find that some of the burden of caregiving lessens when they are able to get supplemental help in the way of housekeeping, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. STARline also helps with personal care services such as grooming, bathing, dressing, and hygiene.

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