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Atlanta Elder Law Attorneys

When you think of being a senior, do you picture relaxing and enjoying your friends, family, and retirement years? Most likely this is the picture you have in your head and you don’t think about dealing with things like pension plans, health care directives, Medicaid benefits, estate planning, and the barrage of other things that many seniors have to face every day. It can be stressful to handle all of these issues and more often than not, seniors get taken advantage of and have to spend their time fighting back. This is why using an elder law attorney can be to your advantage because they know how to navigate through all of these circumstances and will keep your best interest in mind.

Why Are Specialized Elder Law Attorneys Important?

There are many different facets and complexities to elder law and it takes a lawyer who is immersed in these intricacies daily to make sure you make the right decisions. There are many potential pitfalls to handling everything by yourself or even seeking the counsel of someone who isn’t qualified to handle these issues, some of which are the loss of time, money, and well-being.

Elder law attorneys are specially trained in things like Medicaid benefits, advance healthcare directives, estate planning, and will guide you through each one of these processes. They are also often very involved in the community and the emotional needs of the seniors they serve. Not only can they give you legal advice but they can connect you to resources to make sure you get all the support you need.

Who Can Hire Elder Law Attorneys?

As a senior, you can hire an elder law attorney at any point to help you with things like planning your estate or any other senior legal problem you may have. If you’re the family or friend of an elderly person, you might want to consider getting legal advice from an elder law attorney on things like guardianship, especially if your elderly loved one can no longer handle their estate or affairs. In the chance of physical or financial elder abuse and neglect, anyone can contact an attorney to make sure the matter is taken care of swiftly and the well-being of the senior is maintained.

What’s The Best Time To Get An Elder Law Attorney?

When you begin to plan out your estate, including writing out your will, is a good time to consider the legal counsel of an elder law attorney. An attorney who specializes in estate planning can help guide you through the process to make sure you take care of every aspect. Planning for your future early on in your senior years will make for less stress on you and your family later on.

Elder law attorneys are also able to help with a variety of senior issues and if you, or a loved one has experienced any problems with things like:


Long-term care options

Discrimination or abuse


Medicaid and VA benefits

Senior housing

You can get the advice of an attorney. Just be aware that not every elder law attorney is well-versed in every single senior issue so you should find a lawyer that is specialized in the matter you need.

Where Can I Look For An Elder Law Attorney?

You have a few options when it comes to locating an elder law attorney in your area. You can talk with friends and family who might have good suggestions or get a recommendation from your family lawyer. Websites like Super Lawyers rate the top lawyers in your city and you can check with the databases on the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys site or the National Elder Law Foundation site.

You can find a lawyer through the State Bar of Georgia and you can also find legal assistance for low-income families.

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