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Atlanta Demographics and Lifestyle

The beautiful city of Atlanta is home to over 40,000 seniors. The majority of days are sunny and filled with a variety of wildlife and plants to make your retirement years as beautiful as possible.

The Atlanta Community

The beautiful capital of Georgia is home to 456,002 people with 50.2 percent of those being women, according to the Census Bureau’s 2010 to 2014 statistics. 9.8 percent of the population is seniors age 65 and over that have chosen Atlanta as their retirement home.

When it comes to race, 54 percent of Atlanta residents self-identify as black or African-American, 38.4 percent as white, 3.1 percent as Asian, and 0.2 percent as American Indian or Alaskan Native. A small percentage of the population (7.6%) was born in a foreign country and 10.8 percent of citizens speak more than one language in their home.

Atlanta’s Weather: Sunny or Storming?

The southern state of Georgia heats up in the summer and is known for its hot summers. The average temperature during the month of July is in the high 80s. The winter months tend to be milder than other areas with temperatures in the low 30s on average.

The precipitation may be higher due to rain, however you rarely see a constant drizzle. It may rain for a few days in Atlanta, but then the sun emerges again and a week of sunny days will follow.

The city experiences the four distinct seasons. The snowfall is typically less than three inches per year, however ice storms can be a problem for Atlanta. Ice storms stop all travel, especially fights, in and out of the city. Airports use de-icing pads, snowplows, snow brooms, and liquid de-icing trucks to keep the airport and roads as de-iced as possible. Still ice can prevent travel and cause major traffic accidents on Atlanta highways and roads.

As a newcomer to Atlanta, if the city is expecting an ice storm avoid driving as much as possible. If you do need to drive, go as slow as possible because it will take much longer to slow down.

Carry in your car extra blankets, flashlights, a first-aid kit, water, gloves, and ice scrapers. It is suggested to have cat litter or sand on hand to give your car traction on the ice. Make sure your auto and home insurance policies are up-to-date before the winter season arrives.

Atlanta: A Beautiful City

Atlanta, Georgia is home to a variety of wildlife including three species of rare dragonflies. Atlanta residents share the land with gray foxes, black bears, beavers, minks, bobcats, bald eagles, wild turkeys, golden-winged warblers, and other mammals and birds. If bird watching interests you, consider following the Colonial Coast Birding Trail or the Southern Rivers Birding Trail to see birds from hundreds of species throughout the year.

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