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Atlanta Aging In Place

Many seniors aren’t aware that they have options when it comes to where they age or get healthcare and most assume that they will have to go into a nursing home at one point or another. While that might have been true a while ago, aging in place is becoming the more popular choice and there has been a big growth in home health services. Homemaker services allow you to get help with things like cooking, cleaning, or companionship and home health aides can assist you with things like bathing, grooming, and medication reminders. No matter where you live in the Atlanta area, you have access to many of these services.

Paying For Home Health Care

An important thing to note, if your doctor has said that it is unsafe for you to remain in your home without care, you could get help from benefits programs and other reimbursement options. Veterans should check their VA assistance to see what kind of long-term care help they can get and low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits. Long-term insurance policyholders can often use theses policies to help cover services. The Georgia Department of Community Health also has a list of Community Care Services to help qualified seniors stay in their homes longer.

Cost Of Care

What is the cost for these services exactly? Well, that is largely going to depend on your location and what kind of care you need. On average, the national monthly cost for both homemaker services and home health aides are between $3,813 and $3,861.

Luckily, in Atlanta, those average costs are much lower than the national average. For homemaker services your daily average cost is about $110 and the monthly average is about $3,337. The same goes for home health aides and both services are well under the average cost for a nursing home room which is about $6,540.

Finding A Good Provider

In order to find the best service for you, you will want to start your search by getting suggestions from friends and family members who have used these services before. You can also talk to neighbors, coworkers, and other colleagues. The Atlanta Area Better Business Bureau is another good place to get information on local businesses and you can also read user reviews.

After your initial search, call a few companies and ask about things like insurance, licensing, and see if they are bonded. Ask about their interview process and if they use background checks when they hire employees. Make sure you understand their payment and scheduling process. Once you have chosen a service, carefully go over your contract before you sign.

More Home Care Options

Maybe you aren’t ready for a home health aid but you could use an extra hand with chores or errands. There are plenty of options for you as well and thanks to the growth of internet service platforms, they are all at the touch of a keyboard.

Find house cleaners at Handy and dog walkers at TaskRabbit lets you search for help with miscellaneous chores or errands and if your home is in need of repairs or more complicated remodeling, you can check with Amazon Home Services or Like with other providers, make sure you properly research and question each company before you use them.

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