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How to Get Around Arlington Without Driving

Arlington is a fun place to call home thanks to the area’s immense size. However, getting around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can be a real pain when you do not have a vehicle or cannot drive safely. Fortunately, there are numerous ride alternatives if you or your loved one do not drive. In Arlington, you can get transportation from senior care providers, taxi cabs, public transit, and service groups.


Until 2013, Arlington was the largest city in the country without a public transportation system. That all changed with the introduction of the Metro Arlington Xpress (MAX). Seniors 65 and older can get reduced fare ID cards from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). The MAX is not a permanent public transportation system. Instead, it relies on annual renewals by the Arlington City Council. More permanent solutions are Handitran, which serves senior citizens and the disabled, and Mission Arlington, which connects the indigent with bus rides to social services.

Taxi Cab Services

If you need an on-demand way to get around town, including to and from the airport, you should consider taxi rides. The Metroplex is home to a wide array of licensed taxi services that will let you make reservations over the phone or on the Internet. Yellow Cab, On Time Taxi Cab, and Henry’s Cab Services are just a few of the options. There are also some taxi fleets that let you prepay for rides for other people. This is useful if you want to hire a door-to-door service or professional driver for your aged loved one.

Special Transportation Services for Retirees

Rides to and from errands and appointments are available from several home health and homemaking companies. Some of these businesses in Arlington that advertises their transportation services online are Home Helpers, Griswold Special Care, and BrightStar Care. You experience many benefits when you use a senior care service for transportation: knowing your driver if they are also your caregiver, the freedom of making as many stops as you need along the way, the option of using your driver’s car or your own, and assistance and companionship while shopping.

Ride-Sharing Services

Arlington has both Lyft and Uber operating within its city limits. This means that seniors who are good with smartphones or their loved ones can set up rides in advance, get door-to-door service, and obtain transportation on-demand. Be sure you know how the fares work, since surge pricing impacts the costs dramatically at peak times, like rush hour.

Find the Right Ride with Personalized Help

Nearly one hundred Metroplex agencies teamed up to create My Ride Dallas, a service that helps golden agers and people with disabilities get access to rides. The My Ride staff will assist you in creating a personalized transportation plan for getting around the city if you have a tough time finding rides with your schedule.

Seniors can also find safe rides when they contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. If you receive Medicaid, get advance ride arrangement for your medical care needs by calling 1-855-687-3255. Or, find out what services are available near you by calling Health and Human Services at 2-1-1.

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