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How Much Do Arlington Nursing Homes Cost?

Arlington, Texas is home to many types of skilled nursing facilities and service options. Autumn Leaves of Arlington offers combined memory care and assisted living for seniors that have Alzheimer’s or other types of cognitive disorders. Elmcroft Senior Living provides several lifestyle choices of which include independent and assisted living as well as supportive services for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Here’s an overview of senior care options in Arlington with approximate costs along with helpful tips on what you should look for when choosing a skilled nursing facility.

Types of Services Provided by Skilled Nursing Care Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities offer seniors a variety of specialized services that extend well beyond the typical end-of-life care that many people typically associate with nursing homes. Short-term respite care and rehabilitative programs are a few of the options. Seniors that may be recovering from a recent injury or illness or surgery may spend some time in a nursing care facility to receive physical therapy to help them get back to normal. Other types of programs include assisted living and independent living lifestyle options that provide access to on-site nursing support services if needed.

What is the Average Length of Stay in a Nursing Care Facility?

Many people may ask what the typical length of stay is for those needing the care of a skilled nursing care facility. Several factors contribute to the overall figures, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Data shows that there is a 70% probability that seniors who are 65 years of age or older will need some type of skilled nursing care services during their lifetime.

The statistics show the overall average length of stay for women is 3.7 years, while the numbers are lower for men, with an average stay of only 2.2 years. A portion of this segment of the population amounting to about 33% will never need nursing care facility services. Approximately 20% of seniors will have an approximate length of stay that extends to more than 5 years.

How Much Do Nursing Home Services Cost in Arlington?

The median rates for long-term care services across the nation are regularly compiled and published by Genworth. The Cost of Care Survey posted by Genworth includes data for states across the country including major metropolitan areas. Although Arlington, Texas is not included in the statistics, the nearby city of Dallas listed the median monthly rates for a semi-private room to be $4,578 during 2016.

In comparison, the median monthly rates for a private room in the Dallas area were significantly higher, with a cost of $6,159 for the same period. When looking at overall costs as you search for a skilled nursing care facility, keep in mind that factors that contribute to their rates include location as well as types of services provided and the type of funding received such as state, federal, or private support.

Tips for Finding a Top-Notch Quality Nursing Facility

The AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association both offer some helpful tips and suggestions to help you choose a skilled nursing care facility that offers quality services. Arrange to tour selected facilities and have a list of questions handy to ask during your visit. Is the facility well maintained and clean?

Tour all areas of the complex. Check out the building’s grounds, individual rooms or apartment residences, dining area, and activities areas. Check out the menu to ensure that residents are receiving healthy, nutritious meals. Read online reviews, and ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

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