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Arlington Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Make the most of your retirement years by volunteering in the Arlington, Texas area. Why retire completely from contributing to society because you have retired from work?

Arlington, Texas needs people who are happy to give back to the community to make Arlington a better place for everyone.

You will learn new skills, help enrich the lives of your fellow Arlington residents, and make new friends.

Let’s look at just a few of the volunteer opportunities available to Arlington retirees.

Texas Health Needs Help

If you enjoy working in a medical environment, then Texas Health at Arlington wants you! Become a volunteer at Texas Health to join a team of caring medical professionals on a mission to help the Arlington community.

You can choose from a range of volunteer opportunities; interact with patients, assist the medical staff, and provide support to patient’s families.

Texas Health volunteers receive some outstanding benefits for donating their time:

Texas Health provides free meals to volunteers

Volunteers access free parking while working

Attend fun social events

Enjoy a discounted fitness center membership

Just complete the online application and you’ll be contacted for an interview by volunteer services. You will be required to have your background checked and a volunteer assessment that includes having blood drawn to confirm immunity to measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella. A tuberculosis test and a drug test will also be performed. All immunizations and testing will be done free of charge for volunteers.

The Arlington Public Library Needs Volunteers

The Arlington Public Library has a multitude of fun and challenging roles for volunteers. Fill out an application, pass a background check and see where you can help best.

Be a literacy tutor and bring children up to speed. You’ll help young learners to appreciate the magic of reading. Help a range of people with English as a Second Language instruction and GED tutoring.

Become a cyber coach and teach students how to conduct internet searches, learn to use email, and use the word processor and printer in a classroom setting.

As a book wrangler, you’ll keep the library organized through shelving books and research materials.

Friends of Arlington Animal Services Volunteer

The Friends of Arlington Animal Services needs help in their mission to save adoptable kittens and cats and do everything they can for animals and pets in Arlington.

Join the fundraising team and help raise the money needed to continue to serve animals in Arlington.

Take part in community education efforts to enlighten Arlington residents about the plight of unwanted pets and strays.

Help get shelter animals adopted by uploading images and information to Petfinder and attending adoption events.

Research Arlington Volunteer Options

Do your research and see what possibilities you can find in Arlington. Online search, asking friends and family, and visiting places where you’d like to volunteer directly are all good ways to find a way to give back to the community. Use your retirement years to show how much you appreciate your community.

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