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Arlington Support Groups for Caregivers

A caregiver provides vital services to seniors and others that can no longer take care of themselves and family caregivers often do this without support or payment. If you’re caring for a relative or loved one and feel like you can’t do it all on your own anymore, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Arlington has a lot of resources you can use, and one of those are support groups. These groups connect you with other caregivers and help you learn how to be a better caregiver through shared knowledge and advice.

Alzheimer’s Association Support Groups In Arlington

The Alzheimer’s Association has provided services and resources to people with the disease for a long time, but they also make sure to take care of the caregivers too. One of the simplest ways to care for you are through one of their support groups. There are quite a few groups that meet in Tarrant County and they all meet at different times so you can easily find a meeting that will fit into your day.

If you can’t find a meeting that works for you, you can still join an online support group. These groups meet through the Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver website, and you can join at any time. They also have blogs and forums you can look through when you need extra inspiration.

North Central Texas Council Of Governments

Arlington’s area agency on aging is the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and while they help seniors find programs to make life easier, they do the same for their caregivers. Through AAA, you can take training courses to learn caregiving techniques as well as go to workshops that will inform you about caregiving for certain illnesses or situations.

You can also find respite care through AAA and even find vouchers if you can’t pay for care on your own. If you have a lot of different caregivers working for your loved one, caregiver support coordination can be very helpful. They also have links to other caregiver resources in your area. If you would like more information on any of these services you can call (800) 272-3921.

Texas Health

The Texas Health hospital also has quite a few support groups that you can join. Their caregiver support group meets on the second Thursday of every month at the Texas Health Education Center. You can call (817) 250-2760 for more information.

There are also support groups for different illnesses and diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke patients, or cardiac disease. If you think any of these groups would also be helpful, you can call the number on their website to find out more information.

Family Caregivers Online

This site is partially funded and supported by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and it is a great online resource for caregivers. You can find answers to frequently asked questions, links to other online sources of information, and even find online training and classes.

They can also provide you with legal and insurance resources, if you have questions or troubles with either of those areas. You can also find the numbers for local organizations and programs that can help you with your duties.

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