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Arlington Retirement Planning

There are a few financial planners in Arlington, Texas to help you to keep your retirement on track. Unfortunately, the majority of people tend to put off even thinking about it.

According to a survey by Transamerica, out of 4,000 people asked, more than half of them had no solid figures, regarding what they need to be saved for retirement. Almost all of them said they needed to learn more about how to prepare for it.

You need to take advantage of the financial planners in and around Arlington. A certified financial planner will provide guidance, and evaluate your retirement situation. Use a financial planner to keep your retirement goals in sight, and on track.

Think About Post-Retirement

There are many complications related to collecting retirement benefits and drawing down your accounts. Depending on when you were born you may collect a larger monthly Social Security payment if you wait longer, and much less if you apply too soon.

How and when you withdraw your 401k and other retirement assets will affect how much tax you’ll owe. A certified financial planner will advise you on how best to access your retirement funds. The planner will reduce your tax liabilities and maximize your assets to ensure financial security in your old age.

Will you need to work into retirement to make ends meet? Your financial planner will be able to tell you. He’ll evaluate how much you have and how much you’ll need.

What Happens After Retirement?

The CFP Board of Standards suggests that individuals nearing the end of their careers should consider the issues of post-retirement life.

Long-Term Care Planning

Aging is a part of life we can’t control, but we can plan for decreased physical ability and the inevitable illnesses that come with it. It’s good to plan for how you’ll be cared for

Health Care

Post-retirement your health needs will change, plan for where and by whom you’ll be treated by.


What will you do about health and other kinds of insurance once you leave your career and retire?

Estate Planning

You must plan on the disposition of your estate. You will have to establish clear instructions regarding how your assets will be dispersed and to whom.

What a Certified Financial Planner Can Do

Find a competent financial planner to guide you through these and other retirement issues. You will have a professional that will coordinate with your attorneys, advise you on insurance and other financial products. The planner will also help with long-term care planning that will maintain your dignity as the golden years pass.

Finding Arlington Financial Planners

Finding a certified financial planner in Arlington is as easy as using the internet. The CFP Board of Standards website offers a searchable database.

The Better Business Bureau of Texas has a list of BBB-Accredited financial planners near Arlington to provide many possible candidates.

Use Barron’s list of top financial advisors to collect more possibilities.

Speak to Them

Interview the best candidates. Explain your circumstances and listen to their solutions, you’ll find a valuable advisor to keep your retirement plans secure.

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