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Arlington Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Getting to continue to live in your own home is the goal of many people. There will be times though when the primary caregiver is away and unable to handle daily tasks and care services. This is when adult day care and respite care programs in Arlington come in handy. These programs offer supervision and social time for seniors when their primary caregivers are not around for the day. These care services can be utilized on an as-needed basis, or they can be used daily.

Activities and Services Offered During Adult Day Care

Adult day care is essentially the same as day care for children. It is an opportunity to allow someone else to handle care needs and meal times during the day when the guardian is unable to do so. Some people use adult day care for their loved ones each day while they are busy working. Others use it very minimally, such as when they need a simple day away from the constant caregiving role.

Different locations will be open at various times. Some may allow day care services all day long, from early morning until evening hours, and others may only have a few hours available. Some places offer transportation to senior communities in the area where all people in the program receive the opportunity to participate in social activities.

Lunch and snacks are usually offered at adult day care. This is beneficial, as it ensures the caregiver does not have to provide a bagged lunch each day they drop their loved one off. Only healthy snacks and meals are offered to ensure seniors are receiving adequate nutrition while they are participating in the program.

Finding Arlington Adult Day Care Providers

There are numerous state-licensed adult day programs in the Arlington area. It is best to look for an available location close to your home so you have fast access to it. Arlington Adult Day Health Care is one of the primary providers. Planned activities, health services, and a safe environment are all offered at this location.

Texas Golden Age ADC is another option nearby. It is located on West Pioneer Parkway. The Senior Recreation Center New York is also found in Arlington. It opens Monday through Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Costs of Respite Care and Who Pays

Respite care in Arlington can cost around $68 per day, according to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey. This is higher than the typical median amount seen in Texas, which falls to only $35. The cost of care is typically dependent on the services offered, such as having transportation available, meals provided, and other extra services that are not requirements for every facility.

The cost of care typically falls to the caregiver. However, there are other options that do not require you to pay the amount in full by yourself. Medicaid or Medicare may cover the costs, particularly if they are needed regularly by a caregiver that must work for a living.

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