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Arlington Rehab Centers

Nursing homes are great places to recover from a serious illness, surgery, stroke, or heart attack. In fact, one-third of nursing home residents are not there permanently; they are there for the rehab programs. You can find all the treatment you get in the hospital in a more relaxing setting. You will need extra time and therapy to return to your home quickly and safely. This article gives pointers for your rehab search to begin your road to recovery.

What you should anticipate when you go to rehab

After a critical medical condition or surgery, you are not ready to come home straight from the hospital. You will need a transition period to regain your strength and learn how to do the things that were once easy for you. After your doctor says you are ready to leave the hospital, your condition will be assessed to determine the best treatment for recovery. Nursing homes offer a variety of therapy including physical, occupational, and speech. Along with this therapy, you will receive 24/7 nursing care.

Recovery treatments vary by patient and by the illness or medication condition. Patients will need to focus on getting their balance, a range of motion, pain management, and regaining strength. A stroke patient may need speech therapy, which not every patient will need. Therapy will be at least multiple times a week or maybe every day depending on your needs and the therapist's availability.

Starting your rehab search

There are several nursing homes in the Arlington area to aid your recuperation. Here are a few top-rated from

Green Oaks offers a large team of experienced professionals that employ the most effective and innovative therapy programs in today’s market. First and foremost, they believe in hands-on therapy and personalized treatment plans using a variety of specialists in various areas.

Matlock Place is located near medical facilities in Arlington and offers an array of treatment for transitional rehabilitation for those recovering from major surgeries, strokes, wounds, illnesses, medically complex care, and more in a warm and nurturing setting.

Arlington Villa Rehabilitation Services offers occupational, physical, and speech therapy every day of the week. Patient families are also urged to partake in therapy sessions and participate in caregiver training and education.

Your surgeon or physician will provide you with a couple of suggestions of places for therapy, but also check around for referrals. Web reviews are also helpful.

What you should request

Be sure to request referrals and guidance from friends and acquaintances. Check out the facility’s standing with state inspections and make sure their record is clean. The most important thing to check is if the facility accepts Medicare or is Medicaid-certified.

How to pay

Medicare does cover skilled nursing care under Coverage A.

To be eligible, you need to stay three consecutive days in the hospital (not including your first day of admission). Your condition must require rehab facilities as determined by your doctor, who will need to write an order for this treatment.

The center needs to be Medicare-approved. Be aware that Medicare does not cover all services, so be sure to ask your doctor ahead of time. You will need to pay for these services. If you don’t qualify for Medicare, check out long-term care insurance or Medicaid.

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