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Death is an inevitable part of life. The emotional distress that accompanies the death of a loved one can cloud your judgment while planning the funeral arrangements. While funerals are costly affairs, don’t let your emotions be manipulated for the funeral home’s benefit.

You need to educate yourself about what your rights are, what services the funeral home will provide at what cost, and how to pick the right funeral home for your needs and budget.

Read further to find out what you should know about funeral services in the Arlington, Texas area.

You Have Rights

There are federal and state regulations that protect funeral services consumers. For example, funeral service businesses are required to give out their prices both in print and by phone. According to the FTC, you can’t be required to buy a funeral package, but have to be able to purchase the services you need separately.

Texas law mandates that funeral homes must provide a complete price list before even discussing any arrangements.

You also have a right to:

A written price list of all the options you’ve decided

Pick any container you wish for a cremation

Use the casket or urn that you purchased elsewhere

Refuse embalming

According to Texas law, the funeral home must have your permission to proceed with embalming.

A Handy Online Tool

The Dignity Memorial funeral network provides a useful online planning tool to help you plan funeral arrangements. You can look over a range of sample funeral plans and familiarize yourself with what options are available.

It’s Not Undignified to Shop Around

There is nothing wrong with shopping around for the funeral home with the best combination of price and quality. The worst time to do so is after someone has passed away. Funeral arrangements are best pre-planned for to ensure that you make decisions in a clear mental state.


Start pre-planning funeral arrangements easily by searching for funeral homes local to you. After you’ve made a list, verify their license status on the Texas Funeral Service Commission website. Check that the funeral home is Better Business Bureau accredited to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable service provider.

Compare Your Choices

Start by contacting each funeral home on your list and asking about what prices they charge for which services. Visit the ones that fit your budget and speak to a representative in person to ask for the General Price List, examine the premises, and make an educated decision about which is the best for what you want.

Don’t Be Bullied

Don’t be bullied or cajoled into making a decision about your loved one’s arrangements. The funeral home representative is a salesman, and his job will be to look out for the business’ interests first. Preplanning will enable you to negotiate with a clear mind and prevent the mistakes that may come from being emotionally vulnerable.

Make a Plan

Make a plan and stick to it. Settle your budgetary constraints and the services you’ll want, and then be firm about it. Losing a loved one is upsetting enough without the financial strain of making unnecessarily expensive arrangements.

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