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Arlington Financial Advisors

Ideally, the majority of people would use financial planners to make the most of their assets and prepare for the future. It is too easy to think that you can earn your living and manage your money properly. This is not true.

Finance and investment are constantly changing; no one can keep up with it part-time. A financial planner is dedicated to helping people make the best financial decisions possible.

The Arlington, Texas area is well stocked with competent finance professionals willing to help you make the most of your assets.

Financial planners are more than asset managers. Financial planners can advise on a plethora of important issues. Your planner can help you get the right insurance to mitigate risk, plan a long- term tax strategy and assist you in keeping your budget and savings goals on track.

Should You Start Now?

Of course, you should start as soon as possible. A carefully managed portfolio can take many years to mature. Start as early as possible to maximize your returns. Your financial planner can do more, the more time he has to manage your money.

How do you find a Good Advisor?

Use the resources that are available to you. Ask friends, family, and trusted professionals who they use for financial planning. The internet is also a wonderful source of information.

Visit the Better Business Bureau of Texas website; they have a directory of BBB accredited businesses that include financial planning consultants.

Or use the CF Board of Standards searchable database, whichwill allow you to search by location, specialty, compensation model, and other factors.

Check the Financial Planner’s Credentials

You need to make sure your financial planner has up-to-date certification. Enter the name and location of the planner you want to check out in the CFP Board’s certification check tool. You’ll know whether their certification is current, any disciplinary proceedings against them, and if a bankruptcy has been filed in the last ten years.

You also need to find out if the planner is a fiduciary. A fiduciary is legally bound to look out for the client’s best interest. You can be confident that a fiduciary will take care of your interests.

Certified Financial Planners are Paid Different Ways

There are different ways a financial planner can be compensated. A fee-based compensation model means that the planner is paid a percentage of your holdings. This means that the planner’s income is tied to how well your investments perform.

Some planners are commission based; they are paid by the financial product companies whose products they sell. This may not be in your best interest since the chance for a conflict of interest is high.

If the planner sells insurance products, his compensation may be a combination of fee-based and commission.

Finally, some planners are paid by the hour. This is a good choice for people who don’t have much money yet.

Speak With Your Planner

Be open when you speak with a certified financial planner. Let them know your concerns and financial goals. Question the planner thoroughly regarding how he can help you. With research and diligence, you’ll make the best choice.

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