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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Anaheim

Some things don’t get better with age, and looking for a new job is one of them. No matter how much talent and experience you may have acquired over a decades-long career, after age 55, finding a new job can be challenging.

According to a 2015 study by AARP, mature job-seekers will be out of work longer than younger individuals. Older unemployed folks will also average a lower salary than they previously earned, and work fewer hours at the new job.

As dire as it may seem, there are ways for unemployed seniors in Anaheim to get back in the workforce. Utilizing online searches, various organizations, and some government programs can get you back on your feet.

Keep on reading to familiarize yourself with just some of the options available to you.

What Can Unemployed Seniors in Anaheim Do?

You can start your search right from your computer by checking out Workforce 50. Workforce 50 provides a comprehensive selection of jobs from companies committed to filling job openings with mature employees. The website is also a source of great information. Read pages of engaging blog entries and browse the Workforce 50 library for valuable guides and reference material.

The Senior Job Bank is another good source of job listings from companies that want to hire people over the age of 55. The Senior Job Bank has a search function that will let you narrow your search down to a particular neighborhood, industry, and specialty.

Volunteering is another great way to get out and network, learn new skills and prove yourself to a company before applying for a job there. Many state and federal agencies are happy to give senior volunteers a chance. Local libraries, schools, and hospitals are also good places to start.

You May Be Eligible for Paid Training

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is both a community service and an employment-based job training program for low-income senior Anaheim job-seekers who want to get back in the workforce.

You’ll be placed in various positions in a range of industries. You can end up in positions with state/federal agencies, local schools, and even non-profit agencies. Participants can be trained to work in jobs like customer service, retail service, shipping, and childcare.

Some Other Options for Anaheim Mature Job Seekers

U.S. veterans over the age of 50 can use the resources at We Hire Heroes. Besides publishing an informative blog filled with articles that will inform veterans of important opportunities, along with initiatives and programs that can help them get back to work, We Hire Heroes maintains a sizable job directory.

The California Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling program can help people who are full-time carers for family members get paid for the help they provide

Opening up a business is a great way to re-enter the world of work. If you have an idea for a service or product that you can provide, try to turn it into a viable business. Besides enjoying having complete control of how you work, and how much you make, owning your own business can be an exhilarating experience.

Take advantage of every available resource, be diligent, and you’ll get back to work right away.

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