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Medicare in Anaheim

Medicare ensures seniors in Anaheim receive the medical attention they need. The insurance option is a federally-funded plan for people age 65 and older. There are plenty of local and online resources to help you get started with Medicare, including helping you find a provider.

A Brief Summary of Medicare Options

Four parts make up Medicare. Each one covers different care costs:

Part A - Hospital care, skilled nursing, home health care

Part B - Doctor visits, annual well-checks, supplies

Part C - Optional Medicare Advantage Plans that provide parts A and B, along with prescriptions

Part D - Add-on program for prescriptions

You can choose to utilize just one of the parts, or several of them. The ones you pick get determined by the types of services you require throughout the year in each category.

Facts About Medicare in Anaheim

There are six main Medicare plans to choose from in Orange County.

California sees the highest number of enrollees in any state, more than 4.5 million.

The number of seniors receiving Medi-Cal or similar services has grown by five percent per year since 2011.

Anaheim Medicare Offices and Services

Multiple locations exist in Anaheim where you can speak to an agent regarding Medicare and how to sign up for benefits. The Anaheim Social Security Office provides one agency, sitting at 900 S Harbor Blvd. The building remains open from 9 am to 4 pm. The representative you speak to will offer an application form and discuss which documents and information must accompany it. You can sign up for retirement benefits and Medicare at the same time if you are within three months of age 65. You should go to this office as well if you have lost your Medicare card and need to order a new one. It will arrive in the mail within two weeks.

You may also visit one of the Regional Social Services Agencies for assistance. The Anaheim Regional Center offers help with Medi-Cal and CalFresh primarily. It sits at 3320 E. La Palma Ave. The center stays open from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You can call the service center at 800-281-9799 to make sure there is someone available to assist you when you stop in and ask which documents you need for approval.

The Orange County Transportation Authority provides transportation all over Anaheim. A bus stop is located near these offices so you can get to them easily on your own. You can even get on at the Senior Center inside the Anaheim City Hall.

Locating Medicare Providers in Anaheim

You can call the Orange County Directory Assistance line to find Medicare providers in your area. The number is 855-886-5400. Ask the representative for a list of providers. You may also enter your location on the Medicare website to gain access to a full list of providers located in Anaheim. The site’s Physician Compare tool lets you search for a specific term, such as geriatric medicine, and find all doctors nearby that offer those services.

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