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Medicaid in Anaheim

Many California seniors rely on Medicaid to pay for medical expenses and health care needs. Without the insurance program, quite a few people would struggle to afford in-home care, adult day programs, and other necessary senior services provided by the area. If you believe you could qualify for Medicaid, it is important to start the application process immediately. There are plenty of Anaheim resources to help get you started.

Obtaining Medicaid in California

Seniors can receive Medicaid by applying. Before filling out an application, it is wise to look at the qualifications that accompany receiving this insurance. California Medicaid gets offered to residents of the area. Non-residents must apply in their home state. Seniors must also be at least 65 years old to qualify. People with a disability may also utilize this Medi-Cal program. The idea is for the state to provide insurance to low-income individuals who are otherwise not able to pay for insurance costs.

Finding Assistance for Claims and Applications

The Covered California insurance page allows you to apply for coverage directly on the website. The information you provide helps the state discover which options are available to you, either a private party insurance option or the Medi-Cal low-income solution. You must create an account to complete an application.

In-person enrollment centers allow people to speak face-to-face with a qualified professional. There are multiple options throughout Anaheim, including:

Javier Quinones - 1425 E Lincoln Avenue STE #D; 714-776-2326

Depot Insurance Services - 1440 S. Anaheim Blvd; 714-776-0001

Freeway Insurance Services, Inc. - 1098 N Euclid Ave; 800-219-2670

GAP Healthcare - 1151 N. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 109; 714-403-0999

Depot Insurance and Income Tax - 1256 N. Euclid Street, Suite B; 714-254-0001

Emad Dalati Insurance Services - 9922 KATELLA AVE UNIT 1 Anaheim; 714-539-3333

Most offices offer both English and Spanish speakers to help more people find the information they need. Some even offer Arabic speakers to provide further assistance to residents of the city.

Getting Senior Services Through California Medicaid

Standard Medicaid coverage provides seniors with the care they need. The most common services include doctor visits, dental check ups, x-rays, and lab work. Medicaid-certified nursing homes also offer stays for up to a certain amount of time, usually 100 days. Assisted living facilities and in-home care also make the list. Fifteen nursing homes and assisted living facilities accept either Medicare or Medicaid. The options include multiple health care centers.

Receiving Rides to and From Appointments

The Medi-Cal Program offers transportation services. Emergency transportation, such as ambulances, are typically covered by Medicaid. People with a physical condition that does not allow them to travel alone can also receive non-emergency transportation. The service includes taking patients to their medical appointments and returning them home afterward.

Arrangements must be made in advance to utilize these services, as there are numerous people throughout Anaheim also in need. The Member Services Directory is available at (888) 665-4621. Your specialist can also confirm that you require additional transportation, such as to run errands or attend another type of appointment, as long as you are recovering from a medical condition or injury.

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