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How to Get Around Anaheim Without Driving

Taxi services, bus systems, senior care providers and other organizations exist to provide transportation in Anaheim. Not everyone has their own vehicle to get around the city. Utilizing these transportation services will ensure you make it from one location to the next whenever you need to grab some groceries or make it to an appointment.

Orange County Transit Authority

Seventy-seven bus routes spread throughout Orange County help the OCTA provide access to the city for everyone. You can use the website to select your pickup address, drop-off location, date, and time of departure to get your trip fully scheduled ahead of time. You can also look at the routes and schedules to see when a certain bus will arrive at the nearest bus stop.

Seniors earn a reduced fare price for being regular riders. Anyone 60 and older gets to appreciate the discount. Express routes cost more than residential areas, but you will never pay more than $7 for a bus ticket. You can choose to get the 30-day pass for a higher price, and it will give you access to the bus system any time you need it within the operating hours.

Anaheim Resort Transportation

Visit to learn about Anaheim Resort Transportation. The additional bus system in the city focuses on getting people to and from the most popular areas around town, including hotels, attractions, and restaurants. The Honda Center, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim GardenWalk, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, and Anaheim Convention Center all make the list. Forty-passenger buses transport locals and visitors to these locales and more.

Splendid Yellow Cab

Taxi companies like the Splendid Yellow Cab take passengers where they need to go, day or night. Twenty-four seven service ensures any patrons needing a ride get home safely. You can call (714) 988-4254 to obtain services or use the website. The company serves all of Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Tustin.

Transportation Services for Anaheim Seniors

The city of Anaheim allows seniors in need to make an appointment for transportation services. The Senior Wheels Transportation Program ensures all elders in the area can make it to their appointments promptly. Mature Driver Improvement Classes also take place on the first Saturday of each month. These classes help older drivers gain back their ability to drive. The course runs all day from 8:30 am to 5 pm. To utilize either of these services, make an appointment by calling 714-765-4510.

Finding a Ride in Anaheim

Anaheim has numerous public transportation options available. Visit the city website to learn about all possible choices in the area. The ARCTIC Transportation Hub, Amtrak train, OCTA bus, Metrolink, ART, Megabus, and more make the list. You can utilize any option for any occasion, or stick to your favorite day to day.

The website also provides details regarding the future of Anaheim’s transportation. Plans are always underway to redevelop transport methods and make the ease of use better for all residents and tourists of the city alike. In the future, a High-Speed Rail and Rapid Connection will bring the city together faster.

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