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How Much Do Anaheim Nursing Homes Cost?

Anaheim is well-known for being the home to Disneyland than for nursing homes. However, there are a number of nursing homes in this vibrant and unique community, but they’re a bit pricier than elsewhere in America.

Anaheim is part of the Los Angeles metro area and is 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It’s home to a number of convention centers and sports teams, including the Angels baseball team. It’s the tenth largest city in America. The average high temperatures year round are 65-70 degrees.

Interesting Facts About Nursing Homes in California

There are 1,202 nursing homes in California.

As of 2014, 80.5% of the nursing home patients in California were over the age of 65.

About 34% of nursing home stays are less than two weeks, and 49% are for less than three months.

There are more highly-rated nursing homes in California than in the rest of America. In 2015, 56.5% of California nursing homes received four or five stars, according to surveys by the Federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. (The national average is 46.4%)

Nursing Home Rates in Anaheim

It’s never cheap to pay for nursing home care, but the rates in Anaheim are a bit above the national rates. The national median rate of a private nursing home room in 2015 was $91,250, with a semi-private room costing a little less, $80,300. In the greater Los Angeles metro area, a private room in a nursing home in 2016 cost an average of $108,040 and a semi-private room cost an average of $83,220.

The area offers many options if you are looking for nursing home care for a loved one. There are 74 nursing homes in Orange County and 15 in Anaheim itself. There are more than 80 nursing homes in nearby Los Angeles.

What services are included in nursing home care?

Nursing homes are required to have registered nurses on staff and they oversee patient care such as wound care, administering medication, and making sure patient therapy is scheduled appropriately. However, CNA’s (certified nursing assistants) usually handle the routine daily living tasks such as dressing, bathing, and eating.

Patients suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia usually require more skilled nursing care and most facilities house them on separate floors or in separate buildings.

Most nursing homes offer different options for those with dietary needs such as low-sodium meals, vegetarian, or kosher meals. Some residents eat in their rooms, and those that are ambulatory may eat in a cafeteria.

What are options offered that go beyond basic care?

Many nursing homes have an individual responsible for directing activities. Quality of life can be enhanced by activities to help residents socialize and stay mentally and physically sharp.

Some nursing homes offer art classes, concerts, performances by local musicians, holiday or birthday parties, and more.

Some groups take therapy animals to visit nursing home patients.

Often times, a chaplain is available for worship services or ministering to individual patients.

Some nursing homes offer trips to outside activities such as shopping, concerts, classes, or sports events. Here are more possible activities:


Fitness activities

Religious services

Book clubs

Cooking opportunities

Holiday celebrations

What to look for when evaluating nursing homes

There are many important factors to consider when searching for a nursing home. Location, price, and ratings by residents should be addressed.

Nursing homes in California are licensed by the California Department of Public Health. Health inspection reports should be available to prospective residents and their families.

Schedule a visit to the nursing home, but don’t rely entirely on that impression. Unscheduled visits may give a truer picture of what happens when visitors aren’t there.

When visiting, ask a lot of questions. Here are some examples:

Are there on-site facilities for hair and nail care?

Are there private areas (besides the rooms) where families can visit with residents?

How often is there a physician at the facility?

How close is the nearest hospital?

What are the procedures for notifying family and in what instances will family be notified?

What is the staff to resident ratio?

Is there a sprinkler system?

When can families visit?

What is the additional cost for mental health care such as for Alzheimers?

Some facilities, like the Anaheim Healthcare Center, offer skilled nursing and rehabilitative services for short-term residents, but they also have a wing for Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

How to reduce costs of nursing home care

There are a number of ways that families can reduce nursing home costs. Requesting a semi-private room will offer a savings of 23%, based on the 2016 costs of rooms on average.

It’s important to shop around and compare prices at different facilities. Decide ahead of time what level of care is needed. Care for an Alzheimer's patient is far more than regular care, for instance.

At some nursing homes, hair and nail care cost extra, so if family members can handle those things, it may be less expensive.

If private health insurance isn’t available, there are other options. In 2014, Medi-Cal (California’s medical coverage option for elderly or low income families) covered 59% of patient care costs in California nursing homes. Patients taken directly from the hospital may be eligible for most or all of the costs to be covered under Medi-Cal or Medicaid. (For more information, check out this site.)

Veterans and their families may be treated for no or low cost at a facility that caters to veterans, such as Windsor Gardens Convalescent Center of Anaheim. The Orange County Veterans Service Office can provide more detailed information.

Other options to look into are cashing out a life insurance policy, or a reverse mortgage on a home. It’s important to speak with a financial advisor before taking these steps.

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